New desktop advice & a few other questions

  pc_sausage 12:48 30 Dec 2005

Hi, new to the forum & would appreciate any advice on a new PC.

I've got a few ideas of what I need, but could do with a hand on understanding a few things, plus pointers on what companies have reliable machines & support.

My current desktop was bought from PowerC in Kempston 3 yrs ago - a basic one for surfing; but is getting very slow. I don't play games on the PC, but use for photography & burning etc.

I don't need a monitor, speakers, mouse or keyboard.

I would like at least 512mb RAM; at least 160gb hard drive; DVD burner (also to handle CDs). Budget circa £600 - but am happy paying less.

A couple more questions - what does it mean when a PC's "wireless network ready", I current use a netgear router for my bb and attach the line from that to my PC; does it mean I would not have to physically attach this?

Also - what's the trade-off from an Intel to an Athlon? processor?

Thanks in advance :)

  007al 13:14 30 Dec 2005

You would need a wireless router for the pc to connect to it wirelessly."wireless network ready" means it has a wireless lan pci card fitted.
For a nice base system in your budget with all you need click here
There are more on the site if you want to look,but the middle option on the link ive supplied is ideal for what you want.

  Diemmess 13:19 30 Dec 2005

Presumed that you are running XP?
You might see a huge benefit on the present computer from added RAM.
You say you would like at least 512 in the new box. Unless you are using at least 512 at present, this could be a major cause of delay while handling large picture files. Processor speed is not that important unless you are into games.

  palinka 13:37 30 Dec 2005

as Diemmess says RAM is the key to your problem - if you have a lot of pics on your pc you'll find they are taking up enormous amounts of memory; so whenever you do anything on the pc I'd liken it to trying to dress inside your wardrobe with the doors closed - extra RAM enables you get outside the wardbobe and dress in comfort.
512mb RAM is not a lot where photography is involved.

  pc_sausage 13:37 30 Dec 2005

Thanks for the advice.

How would the Novatech compare to the Dell 5150 (link below). I know the Dell comes with a monitor I don't need, but do the free upgrades make it a better PC?

click here

  pc_sausage 13:42 30 Dec 2005

Sorry - hope links works now:

It's the one on the right (basic 5150)

  beynac 14:13 30 Dec 2005

I bought a Dell 5100 recently, without a monitor. I had to phone them as you can't do this online. If you tell them you were trying to buy online, they should give you the online price. I got even more discount!

  beynac 14:17 30 Dec 2005

Sorry - in the above posting I should have said "... give you the online price less the cost of the monitor."

  pc_sausage 14:31 30 Dec 2005

Hi beynac

do you know roughly how much cheaper it was without the monitor?

Have just rang Dell and been transferred around the world 5 times as no-one has a clue what they're doing. Maybe I should take this as a sign.

But anyway, the price info would be useful - thanks

  beynac 18:39 30 Dec 2005

The number I rang at Dell was 0870 907 5818. I placed the order with 'Frank' who gave me a direct line number 0870 907 4907. He was very helpful. I'm sorry, but I can't remember how much they took off for the monitor.

  007al 19:26 30 Dec 2005

The dell machine has the lowest graphics in the ATI range...Novatech has 6600GT
The dell has a combi cd writer and dvd rom...Novatech has DVD writer.
Dell has 160Gb hard drive...Novatech 250Gb.
The big difference of the two is that Dell has a monitor.

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