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  manrow 16:46 29 Nov 2011

For some 6 years I have been using a computer tower containing 4 hard drives, and performing splendidly until the start-up hard drive failed very recently.

What opinions are there on where I go from here? It seems backup is now achieved through external hard drives is that the best option, especially a some new computers now hang everything on the back of the monitor and there doesn't seem room for extra hard drives?

I should add that forthcoming tasks are editing HD videos from a modern camcorder as well as some much older cine film when converted to digital; so is a high speed processor a priority with lots of storage capacity?

  rawprawn 17:15 29 Nov 2011

Have a look at a Mac, I have been running Windows for years (Still am on my Laptop) but I bought a new Mac about 3 months ago and I am very impressed. It may not be for you, but worth a look.

  robin_x 17:39 29 Nov 2011

Most people only have one internal drive.

So, the phrase "backup to external drive" is generally used.

In fact, backup to 'another' drive is perfectly acceptable.

It can be any type internal, external, USB, Firewire, Caddy, Network or just the drive on another computer (with enough space).

As long as the Backup program (or its Restore CD) can see the drive during a restore it's fine.

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