New Dell pc and old Dell hardrive

  TW7heaven 10:44 11 Mar 2009

Hi, I am getting a new Dell PC 5300 with a good size hardrive 250gig. I have and old 120gig hardrive on my current Dell 5000 pc which is fine as far as I am aware. Can I add the 120gig hardrive to my new dell easily? if so how? and can i then still acess my itunes library and other softeare from this drive? I need simple advice but I've not done this before so keep it nice and basic :)

  Taff™ 13:56 11 Mar 2009

The last Dell machine I set up had SATA as opposed to IDE drives. This is an entirely different type of connection the former using round cables and the latter using flat ribbon cables. The power supplies could also be different. That said you can buy adapters to suit the old drive should you decide to add it as a slave drive to the new computer.

I presume you will have Vista on the new computer and if so you will; need to transfer your data using the Windows Easy Transfer Tool (WET) which replaced the XP Files and Settings Transfer tool. You can do this using an external Hard drive, DVD Discs or a cable connection. click here

Once the data is transferred you may need to check inside the new Dell and look for suitable IDE Ribbon Cables (there may be one)and power supply connectors similar to those on your old Hard Drive, so check those too.

Ideally you could run WET on the old drive and save the data file, which is compacted to the same drive. Move the drive and connect it to the new system and extract the files to the new system. Then wipe the old drive (Reformat it) and use it to store your music or other data.

Your best bet is to post back when you`ve had a look inside the new box and we`ll talk you through each stage.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:20 11 Mar 2009

click here or similar........ for under £8 this is the easiest way to do it and saves a lot of faffing about. You can also use it on other computers or lock it away when you are on holiday. Much better than any internal nonsense.


  TW7heaven 14:33 11 Mar 2009

Gandolf this looks just what I need. But a question, don't Dell have Sata drives? will this caddy be OK for dell hard drives?
Thanks in advance

  natdoor 21:04 11 Mar 2009

It is possible to get a caddy which will accept either a PATA (IDE) drive or a SATA drive. I suspect that you would need a one to take a 3.5 inch drive. An example click here

  TW7heaven 21:28 11 Mar 2009

Thanks- myolddellhas died so I cannot runa scan tool etc to work out the drive I have in the old pc, does anyone know what type of hardrive comes with a dell 5000 so that I get thecorrect caddy? is the one from natdoor ok? can I get a caddy for 3.5 for cheaper?

  lotvic 23:56 11 Mar 2009

Just take the side off the old pc and remove the harddrive, then read the label on the harddrive.

I've not heard of the Dell 5300, what model is that?

You can check the service manuals out on the Dell website ( click here
Click on 'Product Support' and enter the model of pc etc. then follow the links, the manuals give full instructions and diagrams for removing harddrives and all the other 'innards' of each pc and all the specifications.

Hope that helps.

  lotvic 00:04 12 Mar 2009

You will not be able to run the software programs from their present installation on the old harddrive - they will be part of the old operating systems registry.
You will have to install the software programs on your new pc so that they can make entries in the new registry.

  TW7heaven 09:24 12 Mar 2009

Thanks natdoor and lotvic. lotvic asuming I get the right caddy to read the old drive, is the transfer of the itunes library and other software from the old drive straight forward onto the shiny new 250 gig drive.

  TW7heaven 09:25 12 Mar 2009

ps the dell 5300 is the Inspiron range

  Taff™ 11:06 12 Mar 2009

Picking this one up again, the advice given is sound. You didn`t say in the original post that your old Dell was kaput! You will be able to transfer all your data (Music, documents, e-mail messages and address book from the old drive but you will have to reload software from the original discs.

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