New Dell laptop advice

  nojhaslam 13:46 05 Dec 2010

Hi everyone,

I'd like some help choosing a new Dell laptop please - because there's so much flexibility in what I can have, and my own knowledge is limited, I'd really appreciate it if someone could give me a pointer.

I'm looking for something that will play FM11 very quickly; make WoW look amazing; at least 250GB HD. I'm guessing at least 3GB RAM will be necessary but I'm not sure about the processor. Other than that, I'll be using it for nothing too demanding but things on "it ould be nice to have but not essential" list would be portability and screen size. For budget, anything upto £500 would be good.

I'm going for Dell as they have a buy now pay later scheme but if there's another brand that someone really recommends please let me know!

I hope that's enough!


  GaT7 14:46 05 Dec 2010

These are the Dell laptops I could come up with that are likely to be suitable, but exceed your budget (except the 1st perhaps if you're able to get the discount). The main reason for choosing them is that they have reasonably good graphics with a HD 550v or GT 420M.

£529 Inspiron 15R (Inspiron N5010 BTS) click here: i3-370M / 4Gb / 500Gb / HD 550v
It's £499 if this money-off voucher is still valid when you place your order: NPV61RB0F4$437 (1st 500 units & expires TODAY 5/12. It did for me at the time of posting this - a screenshot: click here

£529 XPS 15 click here: i3-370M / 2Gb / 250Gb / GT 420M

£549 XPS 15 click here: i3-370M / 3Gb / 320Gb / GT 420M

Here's a laptop graphics (GPU) benchmarks list with respect to games click here. WoW is 4th from extreme left - FM11 is not mentioned, but thankfully it doesn't need a monster spec. Anything up to & above the 'NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT' should be good enough for the games you intend playing - so there's a vast choice of laptops (non-Dells) out there to choose from. The rest of the spec in terms of the CPU should be good enough too, so you'll need to check if the RAM & hard drive meet your desired spec. G

  GaT7 14:47 05 Dec 2010

"WoW is 4th from extreme RIGHT...." G

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