new dell km973 battery differences in price/quality

  willyv 15:16 04 Dec 2012

hi all, after some probs with charging my dell km973 battery is finally showing 5 lights on battery test so should probably be replaced. There seems to be a vast difference in prices from around £15 to £75. Can anyone recommend a seller or type. The current battery has lasted 3 years which is pretty good. Please let me know as Id better order soon!! Cheers

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:51 04 Dec 2012

More cells = longer life = more cost so if you want longer battery hours you will need the 12 cell rather than the 9 cell.

Don't pay for brand name eg Dell Toshiba etc. as batteries are often just re-branded and price increased.

I bought a cheap £16 for my Toshiba last year and its just as good as the original.

Make sure you go through the correct charge re-charge cycles to get the best from your battery if you do not do the first cycle correctly then then battery will not last long at all.

  willyv 17:02 04 Dec 2012

cool, so an unbranded from a certain action site would be the deal then?

  onthelimit1 18:43 04 Dec 2012

Even branded ones only last a few (3-4?) yrs, so you have nothing to lose. just make sure the 'well known auction site' seller has a good reputation!

  willyv 19:45 04 Dec 2012

i'll be laughing if i got that but the laptop will probably blow up by then!

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