New Dell Inspiron hurts my eyes

  Jimmy Trouble 14:53 20 Apr 2018

I bought the Dell Inspiron Gaming Laptop 7566 in January 2017, but last week it stopped working randomly. Sent it back for a replacement, no problems.

They sent me the Dell Inspiron 7577, which has a 1920 x 1080 LED Full HD IPS display, and it really pains my eyes to look at it. I've never had this issue with any other laptop (including the old Dell one), TV, iPad etc, nor with the old Dell model. I make my money primarily from online gambling, so spending all day in front of the laptop is quite a common occurrence, yet with this one my eyes were sore within an hour.

The colours were just too vivid, for lack of a better description. Here's a like for like comparison of black between this one (left) and an old Toshiba laptop (right).

Thankfully, Amazon took that one back as well. Now I don't know what to buy. I need something which can open up 60 windows at once with no problem (16 GB Ram, i7 processor worked well previously), but without the screen blinding me. Any help appreciated, I know nothing about screens and trying to get a straight answer from Dell is an impossible task.

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