New Dell Computer - very small problem...

  Mark-176168 08:53 30 Mar 2005

In the last few weeks I have bought a new Dell Dimension 8400 Desktop(Pentium 4 530 with HT, 3.00Ghz, XP Pro SP2, 1024MB DDR2 400MHz Ram, 160GB (7200rpm) Serial ATA hard drive and so on.) I am pleased to say the order and delivery process was completely painless, and the machine is working perfectly apart from every few days, the date moves itself forward by one day for no reason I can fathom. The time is always correct, just the date goes forward one day. I have the full Mcafee Anti-virus / security package, and also run Spybot S&D / Ad-aware regularly and they all give the machine a clean bill of health (and always have done). Does anyone know why the date might just change itself of its own accord? Thanks.

  Graham ® 09:06 30 Mar 2005

Apart from the obvious BST change last Sunday, check in Control Panel, Date and Time that it is set to Greenwich Mean Time in Time Zone.

  Mark-176168 09:20 30 Mar 2005

Thanks for the reply. It was doing it before the time change - which did update correctly when the hour went forward. I am on the right GMT /Daylight Time setting.

  Graham ® 09:27 30 Mar 2005

Is this in a program, or the date given when you hover over the taskbar time?

  megapack 09:28 30 Mar 2005

You may want to look at my reply which I posted under the consumer watch forum?

  Mark-176168 13:40 30 Mar 2005

Graham - it is in the main time/date settings that you see when you hover over the taskbar time.
I will try the "synchronising" option as suggested, but if anyone else has any ideas / similar problems, I would be interested to hear the solution!

  NinkyRudes 13:59 30 Mar 2005

I know this might sound really obvious, but have you tried contacting Dell? Their technical support is really quite good (probably because they only deal with a limited # of components when building their systems).

If you haven't already, give it a try.

Once again, apologies if this is patronising, but it is a new PC, and as such, you are entitled to all the support you need.

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