new dell 530s hard drive busy and noisy

  awest3 19:39 04 Jul 2008

Hi, Just taken possession of a new Dell 530s (Vista SL 1). All ok except that the hard drive seems to be in constant use when I first startup the PC. I have AVG 8 which of course checks for update at machine start but the drive seems much more busy than I'd expect. I have another DEll (Dimension 5000) also with AVG 8 which does not do the same thing. Checking task mgr I cannot see any process running but on going into the next level it shows the hard drive at 10meg/sec disk activity. Probably more of a pain at the moment is that its quite noisy when its doing this. On my dimension 500 in the bios I could choose the speed of the drive..the slower it went the quieter it became..not such setting in the 530s. I also seem to have a problem with one of the fans being noisy and it seems to be revving up and then dropping back..sounds like wind whoosing through a tunnel. I spoke to Dell support (had to ring them as when I tried to chat online it told me my machine was bought outside the UK and not valid to chat...they should sort that by tonight..ring back between 18.00 and 20:00 we shall see.) In the meantime any views on my problems gratefully received as ever.


  rdave13 19:48 04 Jul 2008

If you mean Vista SP1 then it will be busy if you have UAC enabled. It will also be busy if you have AV and real time antispyware software installed. Also, depending on the time, windows might be checking for updates.
Any other programs might also vie for updates.
Penalty paid for security possibly.

  awest3 19:52 04 Jul 2008

yep rdave13..meant SP1...whats UAC.?

  rdave13 19:59 04 Jul 2008

User Account Control; click here for info.
You'll also have Defender and side-bar loading up.

  awest3 20:14 04 Jul 2008

Turned UAC off...restarted... no change..

Starting to realise why people dislike Vista...

  norman47 20:20 04 Jul 2008

Which version of vista are you running and how much ram has it got.

A machine that is running vista HP with 1Gb of ram will probably thrash the nuts of the hard drive for a few minutes as it boots up. It will be using the hard drive for paging file ( extra memory).

Look at task manager / performance / page file as it starts.

  rdave13 20:27 04 Jul 2008

'Starting to realise why people dislike Vista...'
Give it time.In agreement with norman47, should have 2Gb ram minimum.
Will run ok with minimum ram but startup slower.
Vista is an excellent OS I think.

  awest3 20:27 04 Jul 2008

Hi Norman47,

Vista SP1 with 4gb memory...

intel e8400 cpu runniing at 3ghz.. I think its the noise more than anything which is annoying...I presume the same thing goes on with the dell 5000, but I cant hear it.

  rdave13 20:30 04 Jul 2008

Also Vista, once loaded, will configure the ram automatically to where it's needed.

  awest3 20:30 04 Jul 2008 whole being is crying out for XP sp3 ..but I'd have to change at sometime so I'll bear with it....with, at the moment, gritted teeth...

  awest3 20:36 04 Jul 2008

the promised call from Dell did not materialise...just once in a while I'd like a help desk or manufacturer to do what they say they will! probably living in cloud cookoo land but I can but hope..!

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