new custom build woes..

  nufc2009 21:11 07 Jan 2009

hi, finally got my custom build setup today:

OCZ 700W GameXStream PSU
Abit IP35 Pro XE
500GB hD
4x1gb DDR2
Sound Blaster Live2!

..and the usual dvd drives..

Anyway before i put the q6600 in the motherboard socket, i noticed a bit of dust stuck between some of the pins. i put the cpu in regardless, then put the ultra 120 (hope i dont need to take off, what a chew getting it on!)

Did the usual rest of setup, front panel connectors, usb etc.

I then booted the system for the first time and it picked up my XP install from the hard drive - so far so good, so i thought i would reset the pc and clear the cmos. Did this and booted into the bios fine, wireless keyboard lights up, i can use the keyboard fine in the BIOS.

Heres the problem, the mouse or keyboard doesnt work in windows. So i figured i would install xp again after a format, set the boot device paramaters to boot from cdrom sata first, put the cd in and saved and rebooted.

Dam it, it doesnt detect the cd, it says something like:

Booting from cd... and nothing, i wait 5mins nothing.

Can someone give some advice? im not familiar with this bios so dont know if i need to change anything else.

Also on the post it says Q6600 @ 2.4ghz (1CPU's) - should this say 4?! it did on my p5n-e sli


  nufc2009 21:17 07 Jan 2009

forgot to mention i put the 9800gt in PCI-E slot 2, PCI-E slot 1 is empty, i didnt put it there because of the ultra, would this cause such problems?

  nufc2009 21:32 07 Jan 2009

any one????????????????????????????

  GaT7 21:35 07 Jan 2009

Note sure if it's the cause of the problems or not, but the 9800GT ideally needs to go in the 1st slot, which is 16x (the other one is rated at 4x click here).

If you have the kb+mouse problem in Windows again, look in Device Manager for any problems.

May I ask why you switched from a P5N-E SLI mobo to this motherboard? Because the latter is the better overclocker? Anyway, if you're doing any overclocking, try loading everything at standard/fail safe defaults & sort out these issues first.

Are all these brand new components? G

  nufc2009 21:46 07 Jan 2009

q6600 bought new 5mth ago
p5n-e has a corrupt bios
this abit was bought as bgrade, but has been 100% fully tested and has a return guarantee - yes i will be overclocking, but not yet.
everything else as listed is new

i cant access device manager becuase i cant use keyboard or mouse, ive tried in all usb ports on the motherboard, and on the front of the tower. when xp boots i hear no sound? also a install new hardware wizard is shown (probably for the 9800gt).

the 9800gt and 700w psu are both brand new, got today just under £200

Any more suggestions?

  nufc2009 21:47 07 Jan 2009

oops, will try the 9800gt in pci-e 1 now....

  Zeppelyn 21:50 07 Jan 2009

Seem to remember having a similar problem and solved it by enabling Legacy USB support in BIOS.

  Zeppelyn 21:54 07 Jan 2009

Also on my Abit board there is an option in BIOS under Integrated Peripherals to select USB Keyboard and Mouse support via BIOS or OS. Mine is set to OS, do you have this?

  nufc2009 22:15 07 Jan 2009

tried no difference.

sound wouldnt work, didnt have the speakers connected.

loaded fail-safe defaults, still wont boot from cd.

dVD/RW is on sata 2 (sata 1 been the hd) - would this make a difference?

and dust on the pins in the cpu socket, would this cause it?

i borrowed a vista basic disk, still nothing. bios detects my writer so its not a problem there

Here is the cd menu: click here

and on my board there are strange numbers (shows FF here), what are these? click here

appreciate the help

  nufc2009 22:16 07 Jan 2009

i have it set for os yes zeppelyn, havnt seen the legacy support thing, will check now thanks..

  nufc2009 22:23 07 Jan 2009

enabled, no difference. my cpu seems rather slow, i did the memory test in the bios, took 15mins, normally only takes 3-5!

do you know what those numbers near the bottom right are zeppelyn?


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