New CPU or crossfire?

  ChewyFHC123 07:30 25 Dec 2014

So I have this computer that was originally built in 2008 and have been optimizing it to be a Gaming Computer. I recently got a AMD R9 270x for it which runs well (alot better than it did with previous graphics card) but it still doesn't completely satisfy me performance wise. I was thinking since the current CPU is out of date ( Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550) that upgrading the CPU to something around $150ish (was thinking a AMD FX 8350 would work nicely) would improve the performance of the machine to my satisfaction. Another option I am considering is getting another AMD R9 270x and crossfiring the 2 graphics cards. Please tell me your best opinion :) also recemendations to a good cpu no more than $200 would be great.

  rtp8™ 10:51 25 Dec 2014

You have an Intel socket 775 platform so the AMD CPU won't work on your motherboard I'm afraid.

You have an up to date GX card with an obsolete CPU( the QuadCore 9550 was a powerful chip when it's out, I believe back in 2008 or before?)

SlI-ing another R9 270x will be wasting time & money for an old platform, better save up & switch to a newer CPU & motherboard setup.

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