New CPU installed, system keeps restarting

  tomhealy 11:32 02 Nov 2003

I've just installed an XP 2400+ in my Pc along with a Vantec Aeroflow fan but the computer keeps restarting after 2 or 3 minutes.

The first time it happened there was one of those "Your computer is shutting down in 1 minute due to Remote Procedure call" type dialog boxes, like with the Blaster virus (which i've been innoculated against :) . Since then though, the only warning has been programs crashing to an error reporting box.

The CPU temp recorded by the mobo when restarting is only about 50 - 54C so not extremely high but could it be due to me putting too much thermal paste on the processor before attaching the fan?

If not, anyone got any ideas what's going on?

  tomhealy 14:18 02 Nov 2003

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  oglemire 14:37 02 Nov 2003

check your bios or any system monitor utility you are running...if any... some have a feature that shuts down the PC if the cpu exceeds a set temperature. you could also remove some of the compound. Have you installed the MSblaster patch available fromM$ . You could also advise the forum what the error messages are "Since then though, the only warning has been programs crashing to an error reporting box.

  tomhealy 15:58 02 Nov 2003

No features that shutdown on temp. Removed as much of the excess compound as possible. Have installed MS blaster patch.

No error messages as such, only the Error reporitng box to send info to M$

  nyleridedog 16:39 02 Nov 2003

if xp has an error it will restart, to turn off this option right click on my computer,
You have "automatically restart" selected. Advanced Tab, Start Up and Recovery/Settings/System Failure/Unmark "Automatically Restart"/Ok/Ok.

Try this, but if windows is wanting to shut down it will be just a problem that might eventually caused trouble!


  tomhealy 17:41 02 Nov 2003

Thanks, i'll try that.

It seems to be fine until the CPU hits 52c for some reason but all different programs will come up with errors reported before it'll restart.

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