New CPU - Fans kick in for a second, then stop, then repeats

  Bris 20:13 01 Sep 2014

If you arent getting any beep codes, assuming you have a speaker connected, it suggests that the CPU is not accessing the BIOS which is the first thing it does when you power up and as a result the chipset is causing a reset.

You may have an incompatibility issue with the motherboard or the BIOS due to the revision of the motherboard or as you have suggested a faulty CPU.

I would post a question on the Gigabyte web site for which you will need the motherboard revision number and they should be able to tell you whether you have the right revisions of BIOS and motherboard to support the 3570K.

Incidentally I had exactly the same problem when I built this PC, turned out to be caused by plugging a cheap USB1 passive hub into a USB3 socket (I should know better) but as you have tried the old CPU and it works OK everything else being equal it seems to point firmly at the CPU.

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