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  [DELETED] 12:01 16 Feb 2006

My Broadband connection went live yesterday. My ISP sent me a free USB modem. I already posted here about getting a wireless router/modem combined, which I've decided to do. My question is this: should I wait until I've bought the router/modem combined (probably a week or so), rather than set up with the basic modem, and then change it all over in a week's time. Given I'm no genius in these things, would it be simpler to wait, or can I chop and change the hardware quite easily?

Is the CD supplied with the modem starter pack for the software (connection) or the hardware (modem)

  [DELETED] 20:21 16 Feb 2006

Given that USM modems require the installation of drivers and sometimes software, and modem routers require nothing at all of any kind, I would wait. It'll save having to uninstall expendable hardware for the sake of a few days of use.

  [DELETED] 20:24 16 Feb 2006

Could you tell us what brand and model of router you might consider, so that we can give our views on it?

For the record, I find Belkins to be by far the quickest to set up, at about 5 mins' work. Just get the right model. Netgear is also fairly striaghtforward, provided that it works...

  [DELETED] 21:35 16 Feb 2006

You could always set a system restore point, and return to it, as long as you are aware of that and store anything between now and a weeks time on disc.

  [DELETED] 11:12 17 Feb 2006

Thanks for all this. I bought a LinkSys modem/router, and installed it last night relatively' painlessly. Only one problem (but it's one everyone else seems to have too irrespective of the hardware) - sometimes I inexpicably lose the internet connection - and only restarting the computer solves it - any thoughts?

  [DELETED] 17:52 17 Feb 2006

I have to disagree with "...everyone seems to have this problem..."

I don't. In three months of wifi networking, I have never had a dropped connection - wireless or ADSL - and have never even seen a speed drop.

I suppose I should consider myself lucky that the nearest that I have ever come to a "problem" was choosing between Pre-N and standard 11g. (I went for 11g).

  [DELETED] 03:29 19 Feb 2006

NTL Cable standalone modem, Belkin pre-N Router, XP Media Centre (Evesham Axis RD Plus).

Setup WPA-PSK (TKIP encryption), MAC addressing with no problems on router. Got great range and signal strength with 802.11g Sony laptop and D-Link USB adapter.

But when I try to install a pre-N PCI Desktop adapter, I get stuck when the installation routine prompts me to insert the pre-N PCMIA card into the PCI adapter.

The PC freezes and either no input (mouse / keyboard) works or there is no reaction when I click on "Next" after inserting the PCMIA card.

The PCMIA card's LEDs do not light up either.

I must be doing something wrong? All suggestions appreciated!

Many thanks in anticipation.

  [DELETED] 12:57 20 Feb 2006

edmoriarty; sorry about the hijack.... No idea how the posting of my separate thread got posted as an entry in yours....

Back to your intermittent loss of internet access, which requires a PC reboot to restore.

Does your LinkSys manual mention anything about auto-channel (1-13) selection? It could be that other intermittent transmission on the 2.6 frequency channel (other WiFi, cordless phone, microwave oven) disrupts yours and causes the loss of the connection. On re-boot, the channel will be reset until the intermittent transmission breaks connections again.

Would you have the ability to scan for local microwave transmission which also tells you which channels are being used? If so, perhaps the LinkSys gives you an option to select a channel number furthest from that other (strongest) microwave frequency transmission.

  [DELETED] 13:40 20 Feb 2006

no problem at all! My router is working fine at the moment, but your theory about channels makes sense. When I set it up, it asked me to choose a channel (I think it said 1, 6 and 11 were preferable) and I opted for 1 becuae no other transmitters (in my area) were on that one. However, one has since appeared! Would this affect my router's transmission - if another one in a neighbouring house was on the same channel? How do you avoid this?

  [DELETED] 14:02 20 Feb 2006

the standard documented advice is to set for channel 11 ~ but if everyone followed their manuals, then 11 would soon get the most conflcts :-(

If u can find out what channel the other WLAN is on, choose another number as far away from that as possible.

My kit does auto-detect and has opted for channel 7.

  [DELETED] 15:22 20 Feb 2006

Yes it could cause the drop outs ... simple enable SSID broadcast to overcome this. If that doesn't fix it then move to another channel.

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