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  confusedmum1138 08:33 02 Nov 2013

Hi, I've just joined to your forum as I'm really confused, thank you for taking the time to read my post its really appreciated. Oldest son has started high school this year and has been given some homework which can be done as a power point(confused) or handwritten if not got computers etc. We have got a laptop which is coming up for about 3 years old so my questions are do I get the power point thingy for £100 and put it on our laptop and get a cheaply printer so he can do homework like that, or someone says get a tablet and I can air print the homework to a printer( no idea what they mean), or do I get a new laptop.....thing is my oldest isn't that fussed for any really its me thinking this as I want him be able to do his homework on computer so he doesn't look like he behind with the times at school with his friends, I know this sounds silly but high school seems a bit nasty and don't want draw attention to him by not having the right gadgets for school/ sorry for waffling but just mega confused,thank youuuuuuu.xx

  onthelimit1 08:57 02 Nov 2013

I suggest you try downloading the free libreoffice which has a presentation section which is compatible with Powerpoint.

  finerty 09:37 02 Nov 2013

as onthelimimt1 suggests use libre office as its free and far more cheaper than spending £100.00

libreoffice sites

  finerty 09:40 02 Nov 2013

manySorry welcome to the forum, there are many gadgets, some even i cant keep up with.

  spuds 11:25 02 Nov 2013

If you are confused, and your son is not all that fussed, taking into consideration that its him who should be responsible for his homework etc. Then I would suggest he as a word with other member's of his school, including the person responsible for teaching or IT, what they would suggest or recommend, so as to keep in line with others.

Using LibreOffice will certainly save money, but will he be able to master it, or even want to, if others are using a different method?.

  wee eddie 12:35 02 Nov 2013

Power Point is part of the Microsoft Office Suite of Programs.

Your son's School will probably, already, be using Word, Excel and possibly even Access, which are all part of the same group of Programs.

Microsoft make these available to Students at a much reduced price.

As has been said above "Libre Office" closely mimics these programs and is free to the private citizen.

A 3yo Laptop should be quite adequate for his school work and a Tablet is unlikely to be suitable although there may be peer group pressure to get one.

  wee eddie 12:37 02 Nov 2013

p.s. do not consider any question too trivial to ask. Most of us have been where you are at some time in the past.

  confusedmum1138 17:01 02 Nov 2013

Thank you for all your help, I'm going have a look at it and ask his school too......far too confusing back in my day didn't have such luxuries lol xx

  bumpkin 16:09 03 Nov 2013

Hello confused, I have Microsoft "Office Home and Student 2007", I have installed it on one PC but it has a license for three computers.

On it is Word 2007/Excel 2007/ Power Point 2007/ OneNote 2007. It is an original Microsoft disk in its box with valid license key and certificate of authenticity, not a copy.

If you want to check with the school that it is suitable I could send it to you. I don't want anything for it, just confirm here if it is the required software as they may want a newer version.

  wee eddie 22:19 03 Nov 2013

Bumpkin: I am not sure if your idea will work as the licence refers to a single household

  lotvic 22:40 03 Nov 2013

bumpkin, I think wee eddie is right, the 3 installs licence refers to a single household click here

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