New condenser Neewer mic is EXTREMELY quiet

  Criggidycroo 20:12 12 Apr 2017

Even with an InnoGear 48V phantom power sound card and 30+ microphone boost, it cannot pick up my voice anytime my mouth isn't practically touching the mic. Tried updating Realtek drivers but it had no effect. Any ideas?

  wee eddie 20:30 12 Apr 2017

How does the Mic's impedance compare with the previous one?

  Criggidycroo 21:20 12 Apr 2017

I'm not sure I know what impendence is or how to check it, all I do know is that the previous mic (headset mic) was plenty loud enough when boosted a bit.

I've also realised that when I turn the sound card on there is practically no difference? Not sure if it's just me not realising it but it seems as though it's not doing anything even though the light is on, button pressed with cables properly in,

  wee eddie 21:43 12 Apr 2017

It could be 8Ω or 1000Ω. This sign Ω represents an Ohm and is a measure of Electrical Resistance.

Usually there is a minute plaque, somewhere, that has the specification on it

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