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New computer turning on but no signal to monitor

  louiepi 22:22 14 Jun 2017

My friend has given me an old computer they put together but when we tried turning it on it doesn't come up on the monitor. The light on the front of the computer omes on and the fans turn on but that's it. I have tried changing the ram, booting without the graphics card, changed monitors and cables and ports, taken the cpu out then put it back in and taking out the battery for 5 minutes then putting it back in. Thanks in advance for any help.

  Archonar 08:11 15 Jun 2017

This could be caused by a huge number of issues - try running through as much of this checklist as you can (it's pretty much everything) and see if anything makes a difference. Click here

  wee eddie 10:03 15 Jun 2017

Does the Monitor display a Device, or note, saying "No Signal"?

A frequent cause of this kind of problem is a PSU delivering less power than is required to run the PC

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