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  [DELETED] 01:50 16 Jan 2006

Recently brought a new computer and have noticed that when i download things the speed is slower than my old computer. I am using Aol 2mb service and before it was really quick to download files but now on my new computer it takes me absoloutely ages. I have already done the adsl speed test and they come up fine so im really baffled to what the problem is. Any advice would be much appreciated!


  [DELETED] 02:03 16 Jan 2006

Can you connect up your old PC and run a side-by-side comparison?

The different PC should make absolutely chuff-all difference to your d/l speeds,I have a selection of PC's ranging from an ancient lappy with 233Mhz CPU to a desktop with a 2.25Ghz CPU and they all d/l at comparable speeds.

  [DELETED] 08:13 16 Jan 2006

Do you have adaware or anything installed to check if you have any software grabbing the bandwidth? My speed went down to less than half the other day, I did a clean up and got the speed back. Adaware personal is free and very good with frequent updates.

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