New Computer not working? Help

  lyndy 17:56 08 Feb 2008

I am totally non - tech.
My less than year old computer died a death.

I have bought a new base unit from Cougar ( on recommendation from people using this site).

It has arrived today and I have connected all the leads to my existing monitor and speakers.

I switched it on and a lovely blue light lit up and a fan started suggesting something was happening but my monitor says " no signal input".

What have I dont wrong? Help.

  Kemistri 17:58 08 Feb 2008

Two options, depending on whether opening the case will void the warranty.

[1] Use your consumer rights to chuck it back at them.
[2] Delve in and see if the graphics card is still properly seated after transit. Check all connections inside and out.

  wee eddie 17:58 08 Feb 2008

Check that it is properly connected

  wee eddie 17:59 08 Feb 2008

Give them a call

  Pamy 18:06 08 Feb 2008

If you are certain that you have connected all the leads as instructed and you are also certain that your monitor is not faulty, contact Cougar as soon as possible and explain the situation.

  lyndy 19:20 08 Feb 2008

Thank you everyone. I checked all my connections and they looked good, so on an off chnce they would still be there, I called Cougar and a very nice and patient man told me I had my monitor plugged in the wrong socket.

This I would never have discovered in a month of Sundays. Apparently I have an upgraded graphics display and there was an adaptor in the box and I have to plug that into the right hole and then the monitor into that ..... and it works!

So, all I have to do now is work my way round the very unfamiliar new frontage. I had vista installed and I have never seen it before.

  Pamy 22:41 08 Feb 2008

Pleased its all working for you now. I would also speak to the nice patient man again and ask him for a manual or at least the motherboard and graphics card manual for future reference. If not find out from him the make of motherboard and graphics card so that you can get the details from their web sites.

  iscanut 10:36 09 Feb 2008

Sounds like a DVI adaptor

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