New computer - no power

  rins36 20:16 05 Nov 2003

Used 7 month old computer last night, logged off as normal.

Switched on tower tonight, green light shows on the back as though there is power in the tower, but cannot power up the tower.
The on button does nothing

Monitor powers up. The shop that I bought the pc from advised me to contact HP 2morrow

Anyone with any advice would be appreciated

thanks in advance

  bta1 20:24 05 Nov 2003

Have you pushed the reset button? Sometimes mine needs this to get it going.

Do all the ovious things first, check all the power and data cables inside and out, you say a light at the back comes on , how about the heatsink fan? and does it get as far as any POST beeps?

  Rtus 21:09 05 Nov 2003

presumably your warranty is 12mths (or more) on site ? if so leave it to Hp repairers... theres a risk of them voiding the warranty if you Do it to speak ..Check your terms to be sure..

  rins36 22:32 05 Nov 2003


there is no reset button on the computer, just the normal on button


check all the power leads & they are all ok, not checked inside. The on buton can be pressed but nothing happens, no sounds or anything

Disappointed the comp has died after 7 months when the old comp that i am using now i have had for years. The only reason i bought a new comp was to save the hassle of upgrading the old comp & also the old comp is good enough for the lads to use


Once the 12 month warranty that came with the computer runs out i have pc base unit 1+4 mx70 that is the monitor make and 1+4 pc base unit 733Uk that is the tower model

I will ring HP 2morrow & see wht they say

cheers all for the advice

  rins36 22:33 05 Nov 2003

forgot to say that there is also no power connecting the keyboard

  rins36 23:44 06 Nov 2003


Rang HP & had to ring 4 different number before i got to speak to someone, they said the pc needed to go in to be repaired & they would have to do a system reinstall this would mean all info on my comp would be deleted along with latest hols pics etc. Gave my home & mobile number at 9.50am, someone was to call me back & no one has of the time of this posting........

well that's HP out of my book of ppl you can rely on, they take the cash & dont want to know if anything goes wrong

Hubby went to use the pc today & everything is ok with it apart from my son cannot read his incredimail emails for some reason

  recap 12:31 07 Nov 2003

Sometimes when this happens it is best to turn it off at the wall socket and leave it for a couple of minutes until it resets itself.

  dave h 12:43 07 Nov 2003

If it's working again, this would be a good time to take a back up of all your Files.....(before they disappear again.....)

  Bubo 15:36 07 Nov 2003

Go back to basics first. The power supply can be the weakest link in the machine. Does the fan in the power supply itself spin up when you get your green light on the tower. If the fan is not working this is a good indicator that the supply has blown (they don't goes bang loudly)or about to. I had one recently that appeared okay and then it started burning out hard drive caddy's one by one. Eventually I was left with enough powere to light the indicator on the CDR but not enough to spin the CD.

If yiu think your power supply has blown, it will be ?15 to ?20 to replace and a ten minute. You then need to decide whether its worth losing all your data for the sake of four or five months left on a warranty.


  GuyR 16:40 07 Nov 2003

Don't forget that if the power unit does fail before you back up your data, the hard drive is still useable. You can always pull the drive and add it to your second computer and copy the data onto the other hard drive before the HP engineers reapair the first machine.

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