new computer isn't starting (seems like no power)

  inikdom 21:00 23 Feb 2018

hello guys,

i need your help. i got a new computer today that i ordered online from a verified seller for computers ( they changed a few parts from the hardware (had to send my computer to them for a repair) like my mainboard, graphic card and the cpu. they did a test and everything went fine (according to them) and send it to me. i believe only the graphic card was installed after the tests since i changed my mind about a rx 570 and got a rx 580. now to my problem: the computer isn't starting at all. it seems like there is no power at all (no lights working no fans etc). other stuff is working fine when im testing it. i'm not a tech person at all so i need advice. could it be that the graphic card is installed wrong and the computer cant get power? or could it be that some cables are not correctly plugged in? i could send some pictures how it looks inside. thanks in advance for your help.

  Govan1x 21:07 23 Feb 2018

You Electric cable from the switch to the Computer. There is a switch on the computer beside the cable you have to switch it on from there.

  inikdom 21:12 23 Feb 2018

the switch is on, still no power

  inikdom 21:17 23 Feb 2018

i could post some pictures if this would help

  mole44 06:55 24 Feb 2018

If it's under guarantee the it's a supplier problem don't mess with it,supplier must fix.

  inikdom 07:58 24 Feb 2018

yeah its a supplier problem and i still have guarantee.. the problem is.. they already had my pc for a reapair job over 10 days.. i have literally zero motivation to send the computer again to them for another 10 days. i will post you a few pictures and maybe you can find something wrong or a problem.. if there is no easy solution i will ship the pc back to them

  inikdom 08:04 24 Feb 2018

click here you can find some pictures i took.. maybe you see something suspicious.


  inikdom 08:05 24 Feb 2018

in addition: i have a msi bazooka mainboard, a ryzen 1600x cpu, a rx 580 8gb graphic card, 8gb ddr4 ram 2400mhz, 500watt power, a 120gb ssd and 1tb hdd.

  compumac 09:20 24 Feb 2018

There is only one answer - Get it back to supplier. You should not be doing any repairs/adjustments whatsoever otherwise they will just say that you have voided any warranty.

  wee eddie 10:27 24 Feb 2018

Someone will give you the legal niceties.

Currently, the rules are that you deal with the people you bought it from. You appear to be doing that.

The other rule is that they are allowed a single attempt to put it right. If they fail, they must replace the Product and reimburse you any costs you have incurred.

They are not allowed to claim that this is a new problem

  inikdom 10:57 24 Feb 2018

yeah i called with a tech guy from the company i bought it. he just told me on the phone a few small things i could do by myself to check if it is an easy problem but he said afterwards i should just send it back. he told me that probably the processor is not really connected anymore because of the transport and he want to check it by himself. annoying that i have to wait now at least 7 days more until i get my system back but yeah well.. thats life. thanks in advance

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