New computer - how to get an ISP

  Border View 17:17 17 Apr 2009

My friend used to be with Virgin Dial up (she only uses the internet on rare occasions). She had a dial up account but because of various problems with her computer – she now has a new one – and she hasn’t been online for months, when she tries to connect to Virgin dial up she cannot connect.

She can't connect to the internet because it would appear she now doesn’t have an ISP/server. Can anyone advise her where to go from here.

How does she get onto the internet when she doesn’t have a server to connect to?

Looking forward to your advice.

  bremner 17:32 17 Apr 2009

She will have to ring up and sign with another provider.

Does she have a normal phone line or is she on Cable?

  Border View 17:36 17 Apr 2009

Hi bremner,

she has a normal phone line. The more research I am doing into this the more I think I am going to try and get her to sign up with Talk Talk. They do BB for about £6.50 a month which would be much more cost effective.

Thank you for responding.

  baldydave 18:02 17 Apr 2009

not sure but i think you also have to pay line rental to talk talk
talk+broadband = 6.49 + line rental 10.50 =16.99

Please correct me if i am wrong,but i believe this is in the small print.

Your friend should still have a dial up isp and if she has a modem card in her pc it should be just a case of entering her username and password and telling the pc to connect using the modem

  Quiller. 18:48 17 Apr 2009

Ditto to baldydave's posting.

If the computer has a 56k modem and you have the old virgin dial up disk. Just load the disk and put user name and password in.

If the new computer does not have a built in modem, then sign up for broadband, you'll use either usb or the network socket. You already pay for line rental so there is a good list of who will supply you with BB. A lot will give you half price for the first three months and some will give you a free router so you can have more than one machine connected at once.

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  Border View 07:42 18 Apr 2009

Thanks for responding. I should have mentioned that she is already with Talk Talk for her landline.

She has her Virgin user name and password but it wont connect her.

Done some research and found "freeola" and Fast4 and Breathe as dial up cost of call only. Fast4 and freeola allow you to sign up online so I shall suggest she goes with one of these and I shall do it via my laptop and 3mobile broadband.

Still think it would be best for her to go with Talk Talk because she doesnt know what she is missing - speed wise.

Thanks again.


  natdoor 10:24 18 Apr 2009

Dial up accounts are often closed by the ISP if not used for three months or so.

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