new computer help!!

  freduth 14:17 31 May 2007

hi guys and girls i need some urgent help!!
i have just bought a new pc from an ebay shop, i thought it would come with a operating system already on it xp or vista however it hasnt.
so now i am stressing out wit the fact i have to fork out more cash than i thought!!
firstly what would you recommend i have heard people having problems with vista, monitors not working and so on..
secondly xp seems to be harder to find why?? its cheaper, does this mean it will stop working??
thirdly i have microsoft office 2000 premium and professional and windows xp service pack 2 on my old pc do i need to buy these for my new one?? or is there a way of transferring them?? are they needed??
as you can tell i know very little about pcs any help would be gratefully received cheers

  Pamy 14:35 31 May 2007

Can you first tell us the full specification of your new computer

  Kate B 14:45 31 May 2007

Unless your copies of Office and Windows are full retail copies, no, you can't transfer them to your new PC. OEM copies are for the computer they came with only.

I'd get Vista - it's a lovely OS.

  freduth 15:16 31 May 2007

athlon dual core am2 4600mhz 1gb ram 250gb hard drive
dont know what else you wanna know.....

  Pamy 15:21 31 May 2007

Graphics card, but you have said enough to suggest that Vista would be the OS to go for.

  freduth 15:21 31 May 2007

if i get vista do i need office as well??

  freduth 15:29 31 May 2007

so i need to spend another £100+ just to get it working??? xp wouldnt be the same thing more or less???
thanks for all your help

  Pamy 15:34 31 May 2007

Only you know if you nead "Office" as well. Any Microsoft programs you have must be the full retail ones for you to put on this new computer. You can get equally as good similar progs to office and Word from open source progs.

  Pamy 15:37 31 May 2007

You can get Linux operating sytem for free(Ubuntu) and many progs similar to Microsofts.

  Kate B 16:27 31 May 2007

'Fraid you took a risk buying from eBay. If the ad for the machine said it had an operating system, you could complain to eBay but really, it's caveat emptor when buying from somewhere like that. As Pamy suggests, why don't you try Linux?

  Rossi#1 20:54 31 May 2007

I would suggest Mandriva 2007. Very ease to use, looks good and comes with Open Office pre-installed.
And unlike my XP box, which has plenty security progs I only installed an av to play with.

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