new computer HELP!!

  Pez87 15:12 10 Feb 2006

i got my computer yesterday and i started it up and it was fine started loading programs that i need, like steam, xfire, BF2 game and AVAST free anti-virus program. once i had dont this the computer prompted me to restart to finish the installment, so i did. so went away for 5 minutes while it restated, came back and noticed that it was still on the black reboot screen! so i read the bottom of the screen and it said "insert the recovery CD and press ENTER" so i did and it went to a blue screen and it said that i had to delete the partitions and make a new one so i did and started to reinstall WINDOWS XP. got back into the desktop and there was nothing there but the basics (none of my pre-installed programs like DVD player ect...) i gave the product supplier a call and they are sending me 2 CD's, one has drivers for mobo and the other has the programs i need like DVD player ect... he also sayed that i can get my Graphics cards drivers from their site.

what i wanted to know is is that all i need and will that get me bk on track, i have other things like ASUS wireless card and creative sound card?

and is there any reason my computer did this?

  Diodorus Siculus 15:16 10 Feb 2006

That sounds like all you need - you have the OS (XP) and you can get the preinstalled software from the seller.

As for drivers etc you can download them; click here
for SIW whichy will id all your components.

  Hertz Van Rentyl 15:24 10 Feb 2006

You can get a lot of the drivers on line, certainly the creative which would probably needed updating anyway. They should give you the discs you require though packaged with your system, as recovery discs may only contain the operating system.
Is your system a Mesh - just curious.
Why your system crashed is unanswerable at the moment, lets hope with a decent reload all will be well.

  Pez87 15:35 10 Feb 2006

when i ordered the computer i didnt order a anti-virus package and i went on the internet with just the windowsXP firewall up and i think thats why my computer insisted a fresh install.

the company is sending me 2 backup discs so i can load the basic stuff that was on the computer originally (DVD player ect...) and the other is a CD for the mobo drivers or somthing...

  Hertz Van Rentyl 16:23 10 Feb 2006

you may not need all of the mobo drivers, look in device manager when you have time and see if there are any yellow exclamation marks, if there are these are the drivers that will need to be installed.

  Pez87 17:16 10 Feb 2006

OK thx very much..

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