New computer with DVD RAM

  S5W 19:37 21 Dec 2005

This is a plea for assistance. My 4 year old Evesham desktop is a bit creaky and I need more capacity and speed for my future cosmology work. I won't boor you with the details but my new machine must have DVD RAM, as has my present one. Evesham do not offer the option even with their fastest computer. Is there a company from whom I can successfully order a top line desktop who will include, OEM, a DVD RAM module, not a plug in? I shall follow up any hints or more concrete advice.
If I seem a bit tardy in replying to any helpful posts please be patient as I am "doing Christmas" for the joy of my family.

Thank you.

  Diodorus Siculus 19:40 21 Dec 2005

To be honest, I'd go for a good pc from the supplier of your choice and then add in the DVD RAM drive.

I know it's a bit of a hassle but at least you get what you want.

  Pamy 19:46 21 Dec 2005

I find it incredible that any company that you intend to buy from would not put in a DVD RAM drive. They are not much dearer than a non-RAM type.


  S5W 19:48 21 Dec 2005

Thanks Diodorus Siculus, any moderately competent person would follow your advice, but I am to computers what my wife is to motor cars and I really would like to have the thing up and running without dibbling about in its guts.

  S5W 19:51 21 Dec 2005

Pamy, I may have been a bit hard on Evesham as I see they have promised to respond to my request within 48 hours. Perhaps I should have been more patient myself; I'll keep you informed if you are interested.

  Pamy 20:06 21 Dec 2005

I would be interested how you get on. I am the type of person that will say to the shop manager/builder 'I want that computer but with a DVD RAB drive in place of the one you have in it...How much?

and then pull a face if he she said it was dearer.


  scotty 20:22 21 Dec 2005

Try Watford Aries Performa

click here

They use LG drives.

  Totally-braindead 22:16 21 Dec 2005

MY favourite company is Novatech. Personally what I would do is contact them probably by phone initially click here tell them you wish to buy one of their PCs say the Matrix Pro 3500 or whatever you see that you like and ask them if you pay extra if you could have a DVD RAM writer put in it paying the extra of course. If they agreed, then I would email them and get it confirmed in writing.

Another suggestion perhaps, have you looked at the Dell website, they allow you to modify the specification.

  S5W 18:32 22 Dec 2005

I have had a message from Evesham confirming that they no longer supply or fit DVD RAM in their products, they too suggest that I fit a suitable drive after I have bought one of their machines. My response will be to buy elsewhere. If I am prepared to pay a four figure sum for a tool then I shall ensure it meets my requirements.

Thank you all for your helpful comments and advice which I shall follow up in the near future and eventually post the results of my search.

Merry Christmas to all, especially to the team who run this excellent site and keep an eye on things.

  Pamy 19:40 22 Dec 2005

As I said in my first reply, I find it incredible that they would loose a sale rather than fit what you want. I was always brought up to believe that the customer was king.If thats what you want, thats what you can have.

I'm with you, take your custom elswhere.


  S5W 19:25 08 Feb 2006

Update as promised. Fate has intervened, I have to move from Yorkshire to Cornwall so will maintain my Evesham until I'm settled in down there,(hope I can get broadband on The Lizard).
I am also thinking that perhaps I had better admit that DVD Ram is not going to take off and transfer to 'blue' technology, although as far as I can tell nothing has the sheer simplicity of the former. However onward to the future.

In case anyone is interested I shall post a new thread when I finally purchase my replacement computer.

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