new computer & dial up problem.......

  IanR2 20:03 25 Nov 2003

can anyone help me at all...? my brother has just had a new Toshiba A30 through work,and is having problems connecting to the net via his modem &, when he trys to connect this happens..."it accepts his user name & password but will not show any web pages i.e this page cannot be displayed...." this happens on all web addresses he puts in.Can any one suggest anything


when he checks his connection it says "connected"..

  Gongoozler 20:29 25 Nov 2003

It could be that his security settings are set too high, or that his isp is having difficulties. Try setting up a different pay-as-you-go isp, it doesn't cost anything, and it is always useful to have a second isp as back -up in case the primary one is having difficulties.

  beeuuem 20:32 25 Nov 2003

It sounds as if you have the same problem as hereclick here
What is the O/S? Does the system have a firewall?

  IanR2 20:43 25 Nov 2003

XP home,firewall on......just read the above link,still the same,tried another ISP & it seems thanx for your quick responses.....

  Mike ® 20:56 25 Nov 2003

I think the keyword in your question may be Virgin i'm afraid, over the past month I have had similar problems pages not loading unable to connect to email server or no web access at all.

Whatever you do don't try their helpline, the chances are you will be on hold for 45 min's and still not speak to anybody. Emails will eventually be answered (most of the time). However they may complain that the email is blank, despite their reply having the content of your sent email in it.

My advice ditch Virgin no longer the above average isp they once were, now part of ntl of course.

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