New computer broadband help please!

  scott0004 20:00 25 Apr 2008

Hi all,

I've bought a new comoputer called a Zoostorm with windows vista on it.

I've tried installing my virgin broadband disk to use the broadband on that computer but its come up with "your computer does not have a Ethernet card, please contact us" message.

Could someone please tell me what I have to do here? I obviously need a ethernet card but any ideas how difficult this is to install? and DO I really need one or is there any other way or using broadband on this computer?


  scott0004 20:01 25 Apr 2008

Sorry I forgot to mention the computer does have the slot for the ethernet cable at the back which flashes when plus the lead in.

  Jak_1 20:10 25 Apr 2008

An ethernet card should cost roughlt between £5 - £10 depending on where you buy. Are you sure that the port you are trying to connect to is an ethernet port? What are the specs that came with the machine, does it say that it has an ethernet card or onboard ethernet connection?
If you need to fit one it is really very simple, just insert into a spare pci slot, re-boot and windows should find new hardware.

  scott0004 20:37 25 Apr 2008

I've seen looked through the device manager and it says it has a "Realtek RTL8101E Family PCI-E Fast Ethernet NIC" is this relevant?

If this is what my disk says I'm missing how do I connect to the internet?


  Woolwell 20:40 25 Apr 2008

Looks to me that you already have an ethernet card and socket (it would be surprising if a new computer came without one). Could be a problem with the Virgin setup - is it Vista compatible?

  mrwoowoo 20:51 25 Apr 2008

Try going into device manager and updating the driver for it.
Or into control panel >problems and solutions to see if anything shows up in there in regard of a needed update.

  scott0004 10:32 26 Apr 2008

"Could be a problem with the Virgin setup - is it Vista compatible?" thats a very good question but as usual I've tried all my helplines on virgin but can get no sense out of anyone.

Is there any other way of connection straight to my modem to connect to broadband?

  birdface 10:39 26 Apr 2008

If you are connected by ethernet cable you don't have to run the Virgin connection CD.Just start the computer.Switch the Modem of for 10 seconds and turn it back on you should be connected imediately.

  stylehurst 14:51 26 Apr 2008

Is the Vista firewall stopping you from connecting? Try switching off Vista Firewall & then trying to connect as per Buteman's posting.

  Sea Urchin 15:44 26 Apr 2008

Connecting to Virgin broadband very often brings up the Ethernet message you mention - as buteman says you don't need to run the disk. Virgin told me as follows: Make sure the Ethernet cable is connected from PC to modem and then type into the address (just that - no www) and this will lead you to the Virgin setup page. Just follow it through and key in your user name and password etc as supplied by them. Worked fine for me.

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