new computer for broadband

  User-7B2AC21A-14D1-4C26-B66AE292DF30532D 16:37 16 Mar 2004

Alright, I know this is basic stuff but as someone I know is about to buy a computer and wants Broadband should she insist on usb2.0 ports and what sort of ram is recommended?
any help gratefully received

  mgmcc 16:49 16 Mar 2004

It depends on the broadband. With cable, it is preferable to use an ethernet connection rather than USB. In any event, USB 1 running at 12Mbps is more than fast enough for broadband running at a very much slower 512kbps or 1Mbps.

In terms of RAM, Windows XP should have a minimum of 256MB anyway.

  JerryJay 16:58 16 Mar 2004

for inernet browering and some word proceessing, a £200 base units plus a monitor will do the trick. As for monitor, all depend on what her like or how much she wants to pay, a good 15" LCD monitor can be found for about £200, any case, she should not spend more than £500 in total for internet connection and some word processing. If CRT (big bad monitor) is accetable, then total £300 is enough, check out meshcomputers click here or click here to see what on offer.

In my view, a lot of people unnecessarily spend a lot of money (over £1000) and get a PC which they are never going to us it potential.

  JerryJay 17:08 16 Mar 2004

To prove my point, here is what £500 can buy.
My Performa 5000 PC System from Wadford click here plus a 15" LCD monitor click here cost £468. For £574, get My Performa 5100 Pro PC System plus LCD monitor

thanks for all that, what's this about DDR or SDR ram? Is thgere a new and faster ram about to be unleashed?

  JerryJay 17:13 16 Mar 2004

All Emachine package from pcworld will do nicely, here is one with 15" LCD monitor: click here

emachine was reviewed by PCAdvisor and didn't shine too bright.

  JerryJay 17:24 16 Mar 2004

All depend on what you need PC for? If you do not need it for some latest graphics intensive games and real-time video editing, then you never going to use emachine's full potential. This is for performance, as for otherthing such as reliability and tech support, I do not know.

thanks for all the help will pass on your advice

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