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  m800afc 17:36 30 Apr 2011

I'm sure that regular readers of the forum will breathe a huge sigh of relief to learn that I have decided to bite the bullet and invest in a new computer. My main use will be photographic editing using CS5 extended and for vector I am using Magix Extreme Pro 6. I am aiming for bags of memory, and bags of speed. Arthritis and brain-fade mean that I am not an extreme game player, but might play more than match-three and hidden object. I don't need a case with flashing lights but that is not a deal breaker. A small but important requirement is that the top of the case is flat enough to have my external drives sat on it. I have been looking at Chillblast

link text

but am open to suggestions. Price is not a problem, but I would like value for money. I only need the base unit as I am keeping my twin monitors and illuminated keyboard. I would greatly appreciate your advice on improving/tweaking the spec.

Cheers all.

  bobbybowls 19:13 30 Apr 2011

If you are willing/capable of building it yourself you could save a bit of money using your present case and other bits like HD/dvd drives etc.

Also i see you have a ssd drive specified. the guy in my local pc shop advised me against installing one, he said that they only have a limited number of read/write times which is ok for a memory stick but not for the constant read/writes in a windows pc.

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