new computer

  bebo 19:05 27 Jun 2006

i am thinking about buying a new desktop computer
dual core just would like any advise on the best and safest place to buy.

  rawprawn 19:10 27 Jun 2006

If you can afford it don't rule out Apple, they will now also run Windows XP in a dual role. For best value for money Dell take the biscuit, and are a good solid workhorse.

  Bogbrain 19:14 27 Jun 2006

When you "safest place to buy" presumably you mean online? If yes, check out the price runner site at least for prices. "Safest" could be down to you as far as being 'secure' online. Have you purchased stuff online before? Do you take the neccessary precautions for online buying?
I think the site for best prices is
click here
Check google for it if it doesn'y turn out right.

  bebo 19:26 27 Jun 2006

thank you for your advice,have bought on line before,i was just want to no the best sites for back up if any thing goes wrong,just having a look at price runner.

  Bogbrain 19:32 27 Jun 2006

Also, check out the consumer magazine site for Which.
click here

completely independant unbiased advice

  keef66 13:46 28 Jun 2006

I've got it wrong twice before buying online from pc companies which subsequently went bust. First time it was Panrix who went into administration after taking my order, fortunately Barclaycard bailed me out. (They are back in business now!)
Second time it was Multivision who went titsup after 18 months rendering the 5 yr warranty useless.

Now I'd recommend Evesham; A bit more expensive than Dell, but the tech support comes from people based in the UK who seem to know what they are talking about, rather than reading through a standard script and telling you things you already know. They have been around for a while, continue to get good reviews, so they just might be providing support for as long as your warranty lasts.

  bebo 19:09 28 Jun 2006

just place my order with cube247 delivery monday,thanks again.

  bebo 19:09 28 Jun 2006

just place my order with cube247 delivery monday,thanks again.

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