new computer

  gidster 11:13 13 Aug 2004

im thinking of buying a new computer would any one recommed anything im lookinking so spend £1000 - 1250 and would like a powerful one ive seen this one at tiny is it any good click here

  Baledor 11:31 13 Aug 2004

this website, these guys do it for a living and have good knowledge of PCs

  Baledor 11:32 13 Aug 2004

In my PERSONAL opinion I would avoid Tiny like the plague, I've heard nothing good lies theirin...

  Androcles 11:38 13 Aug 2004

gidster,read your link and notice that modem is preset for supanet,and internet access this thread first before you decide.Many other threads around all about same here
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  ensonricky 11:45 13 Aug 2004

As a relatively newly restructured company I suppose we should give Tiny(Time)a chance. However personaly I am inclined to agree with you. My own opinion is based on my own experience albeit a few years ago. gidster, don't rule out PC World. I know they take a lot of flack but at least if things do go wrong you can just pack the pC into the back of your car and more often than not you will get the problem sorted. Some of the systems they sell are also good value.

  gidster 11:55 13 Aug 2004

thanks androcles i didnt see that it looks a load of hassle as im with ntl world. i will proberbly go to pc world ensonricky its just that you dont see computers like that there or the other option is having one built like that , i dont know

  harps1h 14:00 13 Aug 2004

try looking at click here

you may find good sysytems here

  Jackcoms 16:03 13 Aug 2004

Move to the ConsumerWatch forum.

  gidster 18:12 22 Aug 2004

im after somethimg like this click here . i asked somebody who builds them and they said they couldent do it for that price.

  stalion 18:33 22 Aug 2004

you have to go with your instinct I bought my last two computers from time and no problems.Good spec and good price

  gidster 18:42 22 Aug 2004

thanks i think i will

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