new company for only 4 staff need wages prog

  frankie 20:56 13 Oct 2003

new company for only 4 staff need wages prog for tax and salary etc as cheap as pos for xp pro 1 pc.any ideas? not sure if right room but please put me right.also where to buy paperwork for such progs,would like to be as pro as possible,rather then the old brown envelopes.but is very much as needs is for a gardening,landscape co.i have a scanner and printer,and digi camera,now need the software,easy to use as well please.

  BarryKeith 21:25 13 Oct 2003
  wee eddie 21:49 13 Oct 2003

Calculating their wages is probably the only easy part of paying your Staff.

You will have to become an expert in all facets of the Inland revenue's ever changing (well annually anyway) regulations, allowances etc.

Many accountants offer a service that will handle the lot. Its deductible, they will not charge to check that part of your books at the end of the year, and if there is a horlicks. You can blame them.

  wags 21:57 13 Oct 2003

wee eddies' advice is very good. I set up a new company 4 months ago and my accountant's payroll team deal with all aspects of wages, NI, PAYE etc. With a small company, unless you have the time or inclination to keep up to speed with all the various tax, budget and legislation changes, I would suggest it is more cost effective to use this service. It also means you can spend ,more of your valuable time earning money ! :)

BTW, I recommend Sage Instant Accounts for all other aspects of dealing with accounts. I have learnt how to use it in very short time frame and it is good VFM.

  Belatucadrus 22:07 13 Oct 2003
  frankie 18:00 15 Oct 2003

great advice thanks

  Bandy 08:49 16 Oct 2003

I'd like to echo Wags praise if Sage Instabt Accounts and the Sage Payroll is also excellent; but the thing that swings it for me, and a number of others I know, is the excellence of their helpline.

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