New comp recieved quad core, advise please..

  jacobjohn7 09:40 10 Feb 2012

I recently bought this machine.. Dual Xeon HT Core Quad (4)x 3.6GHz New HD545 3D Gaming 160GB 2GB

All sounds brill processor wise, but only issue is I feel it may need another 2gb of RAM as only 2 in at present. Please could someone advise what type i need for it? and best place to go for it,.. economy and quality... thankyou

I ask as wanted to run shogun 2, which has run fine, but on playing it froze on a screen (curser still moved though) not sure whether this would be software fault or prob with handling ability of hardware (but presume spec should eat it for breakfast!) ...any ideas/issues?

Additionally, and last question, i have an odd occurance since plugging in old keyboard etc.. when I want to type the @ sign, when i press relevant key.. speech marks come up instead... then I deduced that maybe the speech marks was the @ sign and it was.. I just dont know why? cheers all.

  jacobjohn7 17:46 14 Mar 2012

i've got 2 more gb of ram for this machine (2 x 1).. Dual Xeon HT Core Quad (4)x 3.6GHz New HD545 any help/guidance/links for where to look for fitting these?

  lotvic 21:10 14 Mar 2012

Same as you did on other pc - just click in place

video shows how to fit ram

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