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New comp recieved quad core, advise please..

  jacobjohn7 09:40 10 Feb 2012

I recently bought this machine.. Dual Xeon HT Core Quad (4)x 3.6GHz New HD545 3D Gaming 160GB 2GB

All sounds brill processor wise, but only issue is I feel it may need another 2gb of RAM as only 2 in at present. Please could someone advise what type i need for it? and best place to go for it,.. economy and quality... thankyou

I ask as wanted to run shogun 2, which has run fine, but on playing it froze on a screen (curser still moved though) not sure whether this would be software fault or prob with handling ability of hardware (but presume spec should eat it for breakfast!) ...any ideas/issues?

Additionally, and last question, i have an odd occurance since plugging in old keyboard etc.. when I want to type the @ sign, when i press relevant key.. speech marks come up instead... then I deduced that maybe the speech marks was the @ sign and it was.. I just dont know why? cheers all.

  bobbybowls 09:53 10 Feb 2012

change your key board to uk settings. control panel- region and language. then download one of these it will tell you whats in your pc.then we can advise you on an upgrade.

  hastelloy 10:00 10 Feb 2012

Or you could download the Crucial scanner and this will tell you exactly what you need. Crucial

  jacobjohn7 12:06 20 Feb 2012

checked in control panels its already set as UK... cheers perhaps it needs software/driver installing?

  natdoor 15:39 20 Feb 2012

Keyboard setting must be consistent with keyboard layout if characters are to be displayed as presented on the keyboard. If your keyboard settings are UK and the @ and " characters do not diplay in accordance with key annotations, then you probably have a US keyboard. For UK standard, the " is above 2 and @ is above '. For US they are the other way round.

  jacobjohn7 10:25 21 Feb 2012

yeah its a UK keyboard, and all peripheral devices are my old ones from previous comp. Replaced tower and now the keys come out in reverse... I just have to adapt my typing at present, but kind of annoying, when i go into control panels theres isn't really a relevant menu for the region. I'm on XP pro OS. if any help.

  jacobjohn7 10:27 21 Feb 2012

PS what would you guys have your virtual paging memory set at... may improve things RAM wise intially... its very fast the machine as it is.. but wanted to improve graphic settings on shogun 2 as it freezes sometimes on higher graphics, and works fine on low settings. Obviously 2 more gb of ram bunged in would help this issue.

  northumbria61 10:37 21 Feb 2012

The default and recommended size of Virtual Memory is 1.5 times the amount of physical memory - see here enter link description here

  northumbria61 10:47 21 Feb 2012

Although you have been given good advice about the Crucial scanner for your RAM I would download SIW from here which will give you all the information about your PC for the future enter link description here (Freeware Version)

Once you have have obtained the require either from Crucial or SIW you can always shop around for the best price.

  jacobjohn7 21:59 08 Mar 2012

well, i've ordered 2 more gb of ram for this machine.. Dual Xeon HT Core Quad (4)x 3.6GHz New HD545 3D Gaming any help/guidance/links for fitting these? I have done so in my kids old e-machine which was fairly straight forward just click in place... but a bit more worried with it being the main comp which has just recently replaced my dead one. cheers all

  lotvic 00:05 09 Mar 2012

change keyboard language XP pro

control panel | Regional and Language Options | Languages tab and click on Details button and you can change to the UK keyboard.

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