New comp

  holligan 14:37 28 Jul 2003

Are well known brands better or less known ones ?what makes to look out for to get a decent one.about 700£

  rawprawn 14:46 28 Jul 2003

Truthfully,you pays your money & takes your chance, I bought a Dell about 18 months ago & I am well pleased with boy the computer & Dell., but not everybody is happy with them. Perhaps you would be better posting this question in Consumerwatch rather than help room, & maybe do a search in there.

  pj123 14:47 28 Jul 2003

No, well known brands are no better or worse than any other brand. Click here and look at systems click here

  graham√ 15:10 28 Jul 2003

Did you find the fax nu? click here

  palinka 17:22 28 Jul 2003

There was a time when mail order was the only cheap solution and buying from your local shop was much more expensive. My experience of both methods is that local suppliers are now very competitive - and they'll often build to your spec, whereas the big names decide what they're going to sell you and that's that.
I would suggest that "well known brands" offer no advantage over others. After all, they are just cases with parts inside, parts that all started in the same factory(s). The "brand" is sometimes only the little bit of sticky label that the retailer sticks on the case. My current computer came from a local shop and carries their logo. My sister has hers built to order by "a little man" who works out of his garage (or somewhere like that!) and gives her excellent build quality, service and advice all for about half the price she would pay in a high street store.

  canard 21:57 28 Jul 2003

We've bought 2 from click here.
They will build you whatever you like and are very reasonable and reliable with 5yr guarantee and good phone or email help for hiccups,

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