New comodo BEWARE

  Newuser2 08:40 13 Jun 2010

I downloaded the new version yesterday and so far I think its pants, my PC is unusable, error messages for my printer even though its connected.
I've just rebooted for the 6th time and I'm getting umpteen messages in what is called the sandbox.

  Newuser2 09:39 13 Jun 2010

Well after more reboots than you can shake a stick at things have settled down the PC is usable.
Just have to wait till I switch on again later.
I'm going to wait awhile before I upgrade my lappy though.

  T I M B O 10:42 13 Jun 2010

I used comodo software once, i had to format, but my friend uses it ok, weird that it affects some pc's and not others.

  Marko797 12:29 13 Jun 2010

I dl the update, but it wouldn't install...which might have been a lucky escape from what you say. Begs the question why they are putting this out if there are issues?

  Marko797 12:32 13 Jun 2010

and it appears that the install actually un-installed comodo for me, so I am now on windows xp firewall!

  Marko797 16:28 13 Jun 2010

had problems with this?
Have tried again to install but no-go.

  Halmer 17:14 13 Jun 2010

now without any problems at all. 2 x XP and 1 X Vista.

Previously had AVG and Zone Alarm for years but they seemed to just get more and more bloated to the extent that combined they were 120GB of download. Had three viruses (I think) over a ten year period that have taken a PC down whilst running these two together which I suppose is reasonable but not brill.

To date Comodo has worked fine and I've not been breached in any way so I'm sticking with it and the 50GB download combined firewall, anti virus and anti malware.

  HWJC 22:45 13 Jun 2010

Can I suggest you all check what a sandbox is and why it should be used. Instead of moaning about it, answer the questions appropriately. Once dealt with they won't repeat if they're safe. If you know they're printer devices, accept them. If not, check the location, google what they are and sandbox them if you remain uncertain.

  Pepper9 08:26 14 Jun 2010

I have installed the new Comodo and so far so good. It would not load for me at first until I found that you have to uninstall ALL parts of previous Comodo using an uninstall program which I found on the Comodo forum. Sorry I can't remember the link but I Googled in the error number and found the link.

  Pepper9 08:31 14 Jun 2010

You can disable Sandbox in Defense+ - Sandbox settings.

  Marko797 17:28 14 Jun 2010

Had to use the specific removal tool, then dl the new version, which then installed.
Balance in the universe restored.

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