new comer failing with NetBjects Fusion

  TOMSTEPHENSON1 16:52 20 Sep 2006

I am a new comer to web site constriction and am cutting my teeth with NOF2i.
I have completed my first site and am have problems trying to publish it.
I can't get to the staging point when I choose my remote server.
I have been advised my hosting company to enter the necessary ;
Remote Host :
Base Directory: wwwroot
CGI Directory : \wwwroot\cgi-bin

My hosting company have confirmed the that I am using the correct info for
User : N0287 ( this was given to me by my hosters)
Password : ( my chosen password )

Every time I try I get a notice flagged up saying
E1045 Log in failure check your ID and Password
E1047 saying Enter Password.
I have re-entered the above information many times and still can't get to publish the site.
I would very much appreciate any help.
I have tried using the NetObjects support site but they only help with NOF5 and later.
Tom Stephenson

  IClaudio 17:11 20 Sep 2006

Have you purchased a domain yet?

I think you should substitute 'wwwroot' with your domain (e.g., click here). You probably don't need a cgi directory at the moment.

NetObjects support is woeful, this sort of question shouldn't be version-specific; they just can't be bothered.

Subscribe to the net-objects newsgroups, which are very helpful.

  ade.h 17:54 20 Sep 2006

NOF2!! Yowzer. That's going back a long way. Wouldn't you rather get hold of NOF8 or something, now that it's turning up gratis on cover CDs? At least I and other forum members would be of specific use then.

IClaudio's assessment of NOF support is fairly accurate and you certainly have your directories in a muddle. That's where this particular problem lies, as you will get the generic error message for any login failure, even a lack of internet connectivity!

  ade.h 16:16 21 Sep 2006

Any progress?

  TOMSTEPHENSON1 18:31 21 Sep 2006

Thank you for all the kind advise. I will give all the advise a go and report back tomorrow morning.I will certainly upgrade to a more recent NetObjects Fusion, I was being a bit mean as it was my first attemp. Really enjoyed making the site and will get updated before starting my next site.Thanks again

  TOMSTEPHENSON1 14:46 23 Sep 2006

ref IClaudio I tried subsituting my domain name for wwwroot and still no joy.
I have gone back to my hostings company for guidance.
It would appear that my password may be the problem as the message I get flagged up also gives me the opportunity to change the password.
Its very strange that the user name and password gets me into the helm site?

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