New cloned bootable drive not booting up

  I_RTFM_Already 00:02 09 Mar 2006

Hi Folks,

I received my new 250Gb Seagate drive and was keen to install it in the HP Vectra PC.

The Vectra has a 20Gb drive partitioned to a bootable C-drive (10Gb), and a D-drive (10Gb) which holds the data.
I also have a second hard drive installed (80Gb) which I use for data.

I took out the second HD and installed the new drive as a slave.

Using seagate's own tool, I to set up the 250Gb drive, to make it bootable. All seemed well.

I made the new 250Gb drive a master and installed it in place of the 20Gb original boot drive.

It failed to find a boot drive.

Swapping it back to the original boot drive, I tried the same technique with Acronis 9 and everything seemed fine. No luck again.
I tried the auto and manual modes at least twice, and still nothing.

HP's diagnostic tools finds nothing wrong with the new drive.

I can only think of two things that may be causing this to occur and I'd like to know if there are any other things I could check.

1. The boot partition is automatically increaded from a 16Mb to 100Mb partition. I will check and adjust with Acronis.

2. My machine won't recognise a disk bigger than a given size. I'm pretty sure that Seagate's disk utility dealt with that first time around. Checking in the setup/diagnosis at bootup, I see a figure of 137Gb (not 250Gb).

Any thoughts on this, or other ideas?


  Danoh 00:25 09 Mar 2006

If you are on Windows XP but without SP1 nor SP2 installed, you will be limited to a max of 137Gb formatable/addressable partition size.

But you will probably want your C; partition to be less then 137Gb anyway, leaving the majority of the HDD's space for data instead.

I would also avoid using Seagate's utility and just use Acronis to set the target partition for the recovery on the 250Gb HDD to be bootable rather then set the whole HDD to be bootable.

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