New cdrw not being recognised

  MIKE 21:29 27 Feb 2004

Hi Guys, help required if poss. My PC which I self built about a month ago has a DVD +/-burner. I decided to add a cdrw to enable me to copy without using Nero's Image which I can't seem to understand. After fitting the new Cd Rom Plug & Play does not see the new Cd Rom. I have made my DVD the master on IDE 1 and cdrw as slave no go not seen. Made the cdrw slave to the Hard drive still it was not seen. I disconnected the DVD and fitted the cd rom as master on its own on IDE 1 and I am able to see it. Help please I am lost.

  Wilham 21:39 27 Feb 2004

Check power connection by swap with HDD. Check side mounting screws have washers or make sure they don't restrain drawer movement.

  MIKE 22:04 27 Feb 2004

Have tried that avenue the draw opens with no obstructions. I am more worried in that Windows does not see the drive

  VoG II 22:05 27 Feb 2004

Is it seen in BIOS?

  MIKE 22:12 27 Feb 2004

Hi VoG
No I can't see it. I tried scroll through I can see CDDVD but no cdrw.

  Djohn 22:16 27 Feb 2004

Quote "I have made my DVD the master on IDE 1"

I think you should have your DVD as master on the secondary Chanel [IDE 2] and the CDRW as slave on the same cable.

  BBez 22:16 27 Feb 2004

you got an old drive you could connect to test mobo..?

let you know if it's the drive that's "dead" or not..!

  MIKE 22:23 27 Feb 2004

Djohn, Sorry oops!!! I should engage brain before pen to paper the Dvd and cdrw were and are on IDE 2 as slave and master in that order.
re: BBez the drive seems to be seen as Master but not as a slave.No I don't have a spare drive.

  Djohn 22:28 27 Feb 2004

MIKE, try setting both drives [Via the jumpers] to "Cable select" connect the master drive to the end connection on cable and slave to the middle connector. Set to "Auto" detect in the BIOS. This may just work and will do no harm, I have both of my hard drives and optical drives set this way.

  MIKE 22:34 27 Feb 2004

Thanks Djohn I will try that out tomorrow will let you know how it goes. Just to make it clear to me we are talking about the DVD and cdrom cable on the secondary IDE.

  Djohn 22:49 27 Feb 2004

Yes, both on the secondary cable. and set as above.

Good luck, hope it works but if not then we can try something else. j.

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