INVERNESSGUY 14:08 02 Jan 2005

my friend, who lives in the back of beyond, has an old computer, running on win 98.
the other day he purchased a cdrw drive to upgrade his computer, and following my instruction by telephone, and the very sparse manufacturers installation instructions, he appears to have fitted it correctly.
The drive is connected via ribbon cable, power lead and audio lead.
The drive has been configured as master, and plugged into the end of the cable, and the origonal cd drive is plugged into the other socket, and set up as slave.
i assume this is correct?
when powered back up, neither drive will work, and in device manager, an exclamation mark os shown beside the new drive, with the message eror code 10
no dirvers were given with the disk drive, and all that is on the cd, is a copy of nero burning software, etc

please post comments on what could be wrong, and if possible how to fix it...
i am getting some long and heated phone calls from my friend, as i told him it would be straightforward, and now it isnt!

  ACOLYTE 14:14 02 Jan 2005

Try swapping the CD and CDRW drives order. i.e. change their order on the cable, change the slave/master jumper settings on each.

  Strawballs 14:17 02 Jan 2005

When you say the other drive is on the other socket do you mean the other socket on the ribbon or on the MoBo

  INVERNESSGUY 14:18 02 Jan 2005

i mean the other socket on the ribbon cable

  john-232317 14:18 02 Jan 2005

It probably needs drivers for it as its on 98, they would be on XP. Go to the manufacturers site and download them.

  INVERNESSGUY 14:21 02 Jan 2005

been to the manufacturers site, and no drivers are available, its made by optorite. i tried that at silly oclock this morning, while on the phone to my friend, and he says that no drivers were on the cd that came with it.
the optorite website has drivers available, but none for that model????

  rawprawn 14:22 02 Jan 2005

You could also try changing the jumpers on both to "Cable Select" sometimes the computer is configured that way.

  INVERNESSGUY 14:22 02 Jan 2005

ok i will call him to try cable select, post back in a few mins

  Dorsai 14:25 02 Jan 2005

One thing to try would be to set the jumpers on both devices to 'CS' (Cable select). It depends on the cable type & Mobo as to wether or not this will achieve anything, but it should be worth a try.

Also, Make sure than the cable is plugged in the right way round on all 3 plugs- the red traced wire should go to pin 1 in all the sockets. Get it the wrong way round at any point an nothing will work.

Make sure that the 'tugging' on the cable to fit it into the new device did not loosen it at the Mobo end.

Finally, take out the CD drive, and see if the CDRW will work if it is the only device on the cable.

  jack 14:26 02 Jan 2005

Do I see this correctly.
2 optical drives on one ribbon to an IDE socket one drive slave one drive master.

Is the master drive on the last connection on the ribbon?

What else is on the 'C' drive ribbon cable ?

You can have 2 drives per IDE connector.

If the 'C' drive has a vacent place tranfer the writer to this as a slave
Revert the originial a slave on its own.

  INVERNESSGUY 14:32 02 Jan 2005

just to clarify what i tried to say before...

2 drives on one ide cable.

both drives will read if they are the only drive on the cable..

all plugs appear to be the correct way round.

my friend is a sound engineer, and is very fussy about connectors, etc, so i expect them all to be tight.

the master drive is the last on the cable, and the slave is closer to the mobo.

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