new Cdrom program will not show

  Quilljar 18:38 24 Dec 2004

I am running Xp Home fully updated and I have a X12 CDW drive. It will normally run anything I put in but today I have tried many times to run a new Cd from serif to install the layest Serif Draw 7. The drive will not respond to Autorun or to any way that I can try to run it. The CD will run and install on my wife's computer. also Win XP (Dell) but not on mine. As I say the driver works Ok for every other CD I try. What can I do?
I have tried downloading an upgraded CD driver but it may not be the right one and asks for DOS which is a pain.
I wd be grateful for any suggestions, I am reasonably computer literate!

  Giggle n' Bits 20:25 24 Dec 2004

also is this your Secondary Master Drive or Primary Master or Slave.

  Carl @ UD 20:41 24 Dec 2004

A 12 speed CDRW is reasonably old, some older models have trouble with some disks. Replacement could be the answer but temporarily you could get someone to copy the disk for you.

  wobblymike 21:23 24 Dec 2004


Blue star makes a valid point, I have known a number of CDs fail to run in a slave drive but run happily in a master drive. Please check and post back.

  Quilljar 23:44 24 Dec 2004

Thanks to you all for your interest. I have two CD drives, the one in question is a generic IDE/Atapi CDW drive, quite old and is in slot D, the other is a Pioneer DVD-103S X 10 also old which does not work either and is slot E. I am not sure which is master and which is slave: I suppose that D is the master as it comes first. The DVD has not worked for ages, not since I had a new motherboard installed. I had an almighty row with the shop that installed the motherboard as they took 5 weeks to do it. Thus I cannot go back to make them fix the Cd drives.
If the consensus is that I should get new drives which possibly match my MB better, than I am quite happy to do that. Any comments wd be helpful.

  woodchip 23:53 24 Dec 2004

This may sound daft, but I have used it when I had that trouble in the past. Put the CD in burner go to NERO or what you use to write cd's and click copy, it will ask for a blank CD when it's ready, you will find the new CD work's. Why! don't ask me but it did on my computer.

  Carl @ UD 00:12 25 Dec 2004

@ about £35 for a combined new DVD-CDRW, I`d suggest that. Lot`s quicker and more stable.

  Quilljar 10:22 25 Dec 2004

I think you are right. I guess I will look for an extenal one too, so that I can use it on my laptop as well, what do you think?
Thanks a lot for the advice.

  spruce 11:20 25 Dec 2004

take the cd / dvd drive out of your wifes computer and put it into yours.

Install the software and voila.

Change the cd / dvd drive back to your wifes pc.

Or even better keep hers and dont tell her.

Merry Christmas.

  Quilljar 13:39 25 Dec 2004

Brilliant Spruce. I like that idea! However, the trouble entailed could be put to greater use I think by my buying a new drive! I am retired and not short of a bob or two for my habit (which is a drugged fixation on my PC) to be honest, I have earned more from it than I ever pay out so cannot complain!

Happy New year. This is a great Forum as ever!

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