New case connection problemwith built in card read

  peter555 01:10 14 Feb 2018

Vantage X11 case has built in SD/MMC/MS card reader on 4 pin connector what should I plug this into ?

  beeuuem~2 01:50 14 Feb 2018

It plugs into an internal USB port connector on the motherboard. These are marked USB 1 and USB 2 or similar.

If you give the model of the motherboard are you using it is easier to be more specific.

  peter555 18:53 14 Feb 2018

Hi, motherboard is a Asrock N68-GS4 FX Also would you know if a Palit GeForce GT 610 1GB DDR3 VGA DVI-I HDMI PCI-E Graphics Card is compatible with this motherboard. Thanks for your advice. Peter

  peter555 19:38 14 Feb 2018

graphic card is actually the GT620 not 610

  beeuuem~2 20:20 14 Feb 2018

If this image works !

Although it isn't an area in which I claim any expertise the graphics card should be fine as it is not demanding in terms of power.

I take it you are putting an existing system in a new case?

1]: [click here

  beeuuem~2 20:23 14 Feb 2018

I can never get these slinks to work ! [USB headershref

  beeuuem~2 20:25 14 Feb 2018

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