Is new card reader compatible with my Motherboard

  Never again 08:05 21 May 2004

I have bought a new card reader/ floppy drive (mitsumi model fa402a-5102)to replace my floppy drive for ease of accessing my camera card.

Unfortunately I cant see where to fit it as there does not seem to be an available socket on my motherbaoerd which is a chaintech ct-6ata2 and the details are here

click here

The connector is a yellow rectangular block (13x5mm)which takes 9 pins.

There is also the usual power and ribbon cable fittings.

Is my board too old?

I only paid £10 for the reader so it would not be a major loss, but it would be nice if it could work.


  Never again 08:35 21 May 2004

I've found a page which details the card reader which is here click here

I've just noticed at the bottom that it says Please confirm that your computer' motherboard has an internal USB connection.

What does this look like?

Was I too quick off the blocks??

  Diemmess 08:37 21 May 2004

The description sounds like a serial plug which should plug in to one of the two ports on your mobo.

It isn't a USB connection.

Perhaps someone will offer a definitive answer.

  Diemmess 08:43 21 May 2004

That looks better now, particularly as your mobo boasts "2 USB ports on its backside"

This presumably means there are two on the motherboard. Even so be very careful to plug into these sockets carefully. An unsuitable or wrong connection here can lead to smoke signals!

  Never again 11:30 21 May 2004

Thanks for your input.

Although it boasts "2 on its backside" after downloading the manual it seems that an optional usb adapter is required which plugs into my cn11 socket on the motherboard to give me the extra usb capability.

I have not yet managed to find out where to get one of these yet - Any suggestions of any specialist suppliers?

  Gemma 13:12 21 May 2004

This is two devices in one box. The floppy drive will use the cables you already have (assuming you currently have a floppy). Take care that you fit the cable the right way round (if the LED stays on you have reversed the plug...). The multi card reader has a separate USB interface which will need plugging in to your on-board USB interface (USB 1 or 2). If your OS is W98ME or better, then it's plug and play (no driver installation), W98SE will require a driver. If you can't sort the on-board USB for the mobo, install an expansion card. There may be some "enabling" to do in the BIOS.

  Never again 22:01 26 Jul 2004

Still no joy regarding the drives compatibility.

I havbe seen newer motherboards with the 9 pin usb ports on them but there is none on mine (or the pci usb card that I fitted which had a proper flat usb internal connector - not a 9 pin one).

I have searched for a supplier for an adapter cable to bridge the 2 but have been unsuccessful so far.

has anyone seen such a thing - the bloke in maplins was adamant that he hadn't.

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