new builder with motherboard problem

  play_fetch 18:29 01 May 2008

hello, I am wondering if anyone can help me- it seems my problem is relatively common amongst people who have purhcased the asus p5k-e wifi motherboard:
here is my spec so far:
4GB of OCZ 800mhz RAM
asus nvidia en8800gtx 768mb video card
intel core duo e6850 3ghz processor
creative soundcard..
500w psu

anyway it doesn't matter because my board won't post no matter how much or how little components i attach and despite the fans and everything working fine the mobo won't detect a keyboard, mouse or the monitor. no beeps, no blips no nothing. nothing on the screen. tried different monitors, components- sent some back... etc

nothing works and i don't know what else to try. if i get a replacement i have been on a forum full of posts of the same problem none are resolved and i am worried i will have to live in fear if i ever do get it working.

please advise on what to do- i am leaning towards a totally different motherboard.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:42 01 May 2008

If you have a system that powers up, the next question is, do you hear any beeps coming from the motherboard speaker. If your motherboard doesn't have an integrated piezoelectric speaker but does have a speaker connection next to the power and reset connections (usually the front, left-hand corner of the motherboard) attach a case speaker. If you hear an unending string of beeps, it's often bad RAM, while a repeated sequence can be RAM or video. Other beep codes have been largely abandoned since they pertained to non-user replaceable surface mount components.
Beeps or no beeps, I always reseat the video adapter and the RAM, paying special attention to the locking levers on the memory sockets.

Are your motherboard settings on the defaults? Whether you just put in a new motherboard or have been fooling around with overclocking, restore the default settings. This is often accomplished with a single jumper or switch setting, but sometimes it involves moving several jumpers or switches. Get the default values from the motherboard documentation.

Unplug the power cable before each change in the case. Disconnect drives, one at a time, reconnecting power and trying power up after each. Next start removing adapters, saving the video adapter for last, reconnecting power and retrying after each change to ensure you discover which component is causing the failure.
Running the motherboard without a case is a common technique used by technicians to eliminate any weird grounding and shorting issues or mechanical stresses. It also makes it much easier to swap the CPU if that's required. I normally do my bench testing on top of a cardboard box, with a static free bag or foam between the bottom of the motherboard and the cardboard. You don't walk away from a test like this or you might come back to find the box on fire! If your motherboard powers up on the bench with the same power supply that you used in the case, you have a geometry problem. Ideally, you should have a spare power supply for bench testing if you're going to do regular repair and testing work.

  DjSprinks 18:54 01 May 2008

nice gear you got shame it wont wrk,and i cant help you eather cos im in exactly the same boat as you!with a similer addvice-stay clear of ASUS! Lol.

  DjSprinks 18:59 01 May 2008

on second thoughts only a guess but thats quite a powerhungry graphics card u got have u tryed the 4 or 8 pin cpu powerplug and the G C power plug? or maby a higher watt psu?jus a thought.

  I am Spartacus 19:42 01 May 2008

Having just built 2 systems with Asus P5K motherboards without problems (and 2 with P5W mobo's a few months ago) and not being aware of 'common' problems with them Fruit Bat /\0/\ is spot on with his advice. Also DjSprinks advice to check that the 4 pin CPU plug and GFX card plug is connected is also one to check.

I've found that Asus boards (now on my 4th) almost always require a BIOS reset after changes.

You have fitted the standoffs to the case correctly so that the motherboard is not shorting anywhere?

The heatsink is fitted correctly and you've used thermal paste?

  Tempest1 19:48 01 May 2008

Having just built on a ASUS P5E3 and had probs getting the board to post into BIOS I conyacyed the OCZ website and asked the question in their forum and they were a great help (not knocking the advice or help here its always been great)but they gave me settings I needed and the board works great.

  play_fetch 20:28 01 May 2008

right, i've read all your responses and thanks for your advice. first things first:
don't hear any beeps, case speaker is hooked up. i reseated everything to start with. and that didn't work. then i tried 1 stick on ram and cpu and then 1 stick of ram and video etc etc everything on its own. i haven't changed the mb settings since i got them. they are on whatever settings they came with->default. but i guess i could try resetting jumpers- however, not sure on exactly how-to even after looking at the manual.. hence why i've avoided it.

the only component that i can deduce might be the problem is the motherboard.. but i haven't tried the out of case testing yet..bit scared of setting it alight like you said. of course i will watch intently.

djsprinks: thanks. i'm pretty sure its not the graphics card though. and i have 2 6 pin molex adaptors as suggested.. i've been very careful with it. scare stories of frying card without enough power made me cautious. the video card has reoommended wattage which mine is above- and even without that it should be doing something.. which it isn't.

i am [email protected]: yep is the answer to all of your questions. though i haven't reset the bios or whatever as i can't actually get to it except through the jumpers i guess...

thanks for all your responses so far

i am going to try out the out of case test and... check out the OCZ website tempest1 thank you.

any more suggestions are welcome and i will definitely update when this is fixed..

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