New build...1 fat32

  mosfet 10:39 09 Nov 2003

Just built my first.Due entirely to you advisers.No probs at all with the build,due again to you.....p4 2.8c....asus p4p800....2x256 (matched pair DieSse) ti 128mb....2x80g s-ata..........
The prob is,I need fat32,to share,but xp only lets me have ntfs after the first partition.(3 on each hd) Another odd thing, trying to format (using 98se bootdisk)I cannot format,but I can fdisk.Maxblast on floppy no go either...Both ok on this pc...Thanks for my new pc,but need a bit more help.
Regards Les.

  mosfet 10:48 09 Nov 2003

Got to go out for a few hours.Check later.

  Chegs ? 10:52 09 Nov 2003

Reason for format not working is NTFS doesn't co-operate with MS-DOS.I use NTFS and it is networked to a FAT32 machine,I have no probs sharing files.Maxblast does what?

  Rtus 10:54 09 Nov 2003

Maxblast on floppy requires you boot into startup ..I thought Xp had versatile Networking (sharing )built into it .I'll be very suprised if it hasnt!..I havent got it loaded at the moment so cant help further ..yet..

  flecc 11:01 09 Nov 2003

As Chegs says, no compatibility problems with FAT32 and NTFS on a network, the problem is only on a local drive.

If you have access to some, Partition Magic rescue floppies will usually format any part of the drive as FAT32, but with SATA? Not sure on that.

  mosfet 15:46 09 Nov 2003

Please correct me if wrong....NTFS can read fat but fat cannot read NTFS?....So can both pc's share everything?....Chegs I use Maxblast for cloning my c drv,& saving to d drv to clone back when I've messed up!!....Rtus I have been using from startup to try to sort this out.XP has got networking,but havn't got that far yet,on setup it should ask if I want ntfs or fat,but it only offers ntfs?....flecc I was thinking,is this all because of sata? Wish I had pata now.:0)

  mrdsgs 16:49 09 Nov 2003

there is an upper partition size limit for fat32 within w2000 and xp.

what size are your partitions?

Third party partition managers like partition magic will let you format 80 gig+ partitions as fat32.


I have no problem at all with sharing data and printers across an 9 machine network ranging from w98 to xp and one of the machines has ntfs. Even the w98 machine can access everything on it.



  mosfet 17:14 09 Nov 2003

You all seem to say it's ok,& you know better than Me,I have read so often the two are not interchangable?? even on this forum.Why is this? I just needed to be clear,as it's a fresh start.I had better look to installing xp again on ntfs.It's odd I don't get a choice on setup tho?
The 3 partitions on both disks are 10g..35g..35g..or therabouts.Is that why?
Thanks Les.

  woodchip 17:30 09 Nov 2003

Why do you need NTFS if I may ask, no normal Desktop needs this its mainly for Busyness use. I cannot understand Why so many use NTFS for desktops. 32fat is not so unstable. and the benefits can outweigh the advantages of using NTFS

  flecc 19:49 09 Nov 2003

As I said above, they are compatible through a network. It's only within a machine that Windows 9x with FAT32 can have problems with local NTFS files. As Rtus says though, try to set it all up as FAT32 for what you propose, just as you intended.

  mosfet 20:11 09 Nov 2003

What do you think of this,as a way out......Set 1 disk to 1 full partition (that I can do)as fat.When all set up,buy PM & sort it at that point? Odd tho,fat will let me do that (80g) if it does't like large patitions?
....Very best Regards Les.

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