New build, won't start

  ob1ie 20:28 16 Feb 2005

I am after putting a new computer together. A MSI board and a Alton 2400 chip. When everything was wired up I hit the power and the only thing that happened was the fans worked. The hard drives or floppy didn't start and no display. A "D-Bracket" or diagnostic bracket that comes with the board display 4 red lights which means that the processor is damaged or not installed correctly. So I went back to the shop, they gave me a replacement chip and I get the same result. Obviously the board is gone.
This is the first time this kind of thing has happened to me. Can someone tell me what is the more likely to go, a board or CPU and is there anyway to tell what is gone without just replacing each part?

  Gaz W 20:49 16 Feb 2005

I think the best way to test is to remove everything except the essential parts (motherboard, processor (and fan!), memory, graphics card, keyboard, monitor) and then try it. If it still doesn't work it does mean replacing each part unless someone else on here can tell you otherwise.

Having had the CPU replaced twice though it does look like the board.

Don't want to be patronising as you say it's the "first time anything like this has happened" suggesting you've done this before, but it doesn't hurt to check the obvious, e.g. if the the processor is definitely in properly, and also that the memory and everything else is properly fitted. Also there should be another 4 pin power supply connected to the board.

If it still won't work, I'd say it's more likely to be the board, so if you can't test the CPU in another machine it's probably best to take the board back for a replacement.

  Yoda Knight 09:10 17 Feb 2005

When u took the cpu back to the shop, didnt they test it ? None of the stores around here will take a return based on the end users word !

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