New Build will not POST.

  X™ 18:50 17 Sep 2007

Have just built a new PC,

ECS K8m800-M2
AMD Sempron 3000+
1GB DDR 3200+

Once switched on, it acts normal, I.E keyboard flashes, onboard ethernet port flashes, and CPU fans spins, floppy light flashes, but strangely the CD-RW light comes on but does nothing else.

On another forum have seen the exact same problem, with the same motherboard and it turned out it was the PSU. I'm sure the RAM is fine, and I think the CPU is good. It doesn't beep at all, speaker is onboard.

Have tested PSU with multimeter, seems OK, but I don't know. Only just bought it from PCWORLD. Any help would be appreciated!

  thms 19:32 17 Sep 2007

First check all connections, the most common connection over looked is the 12v 4pin to cpu.

Try booting with only graphics card,hdd and one stick of memory.

What size is your psu?

  X™ 19:37 17 Sep 2007

On board graphics, basics running ATM.

Mobo Processor + HSF + 1 Stick 1GB DDR.

I have checked every connection, all are fine. The 4 Pin 12V is in, and power is getting there. HAve oulled out the PSU and tryed running it out of case with all connections in, no luck.

Thanks for the reply!

  skidzy 19:52 17 Sep 2007

Do you get the any posts beeps at all ? even the single beep ?

Is the CD-RW on the middle of the ide cable connecting the hdd from the mobo ?

If the ram is two sticks,remove one and place in slot 0

  thms 19:58 17 Sep 2007

Most common issues when not posting is usually cpu or memory.

Do you have another stick of ram to try, if not try reseating your existing stick.

Try resetting cmos either by setting jumper or removing battery shouldn't need to but worth a try.

Would also suggest making sure motherboard is not shorting out any where. Though I think this unlikely as you can power up.

  X™ 20:04 17 Sep 2007

Done all of that. CD is correctly in place, and nothing is shorting. Reset the mobo with no luck. Shame, I wanted this running tonight. :(

  thms 20:30 17 Sep 2007

Disconnct everything apart from cpu,psu,speaker and power switch if you get no beep then it is either the cpu or motherboard.

  X™ 17:34 18 Sep 2007

There isn't a beep. Damn it. I can't get the flippin Fan off the CPU without half destrying/taking out the mobo.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:10 18 Sep 2007

Sounds as if everyting ok except for running HDD.

What type? PATA or SATA?

Is cable correct way for both Floppy and CD?

  thms 18:37 18 Sep 2007

Computer should still be able to post without HDD connected. All it will do is tell you it cannot find it.

The problem is it cannot get as far as that.

  cream. 20:14 18 Sep 2007

" I can't get the flippin Fan off the CPU without half destrying/taking out the mobo. "

Why do you want to take it off for? Do you think you have not fitted the cpu in correctley?

Do not try to start the computer without the cpu fan attached, you could fry the cpu.

As thms says the system should post if the cpu+hs and fan, one stick of memory, monitor connected, psu connected to motherboard and power switch connected. Leave all cards out, same with any usb's and disconnect hrad drives, optical drives and floppys.

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