New build will not POST

  bremner 18:08 23 Jun 2004

Been building a new machine today.

Dual Opteron 246 Processors in an MSI K8T Master2 Far motherboard, 4 x 512MB PC2700 Crucial RAM and 550W PSU.

Switch on, CPU and case fans work, all drives power up - absolutely no POST.

Tried everything, new PSU, cables, leads, reset the CMOS still nothing.

My feeling is a dodgy mobo, has anyone any suggestions or experience of a similar problem.


  Gongoozler 18:26 23 Jun 2004

I've had failure to POST twice. The first time was a faulty motherboard, the second was a faulty graphics card.

Try with just the motherboard and processor with heatsink, the power supply, case speaker and power switch. Remove the motherboard from the case and rest it on an insulating surface such as a sheet of card. The motherboard should now complete POST and give an error beep because it has no memory or graphics card. If it does you can start to add components until it fails to complete POST. If it doesn't, then one of the few remaining parts is faulty.

  Rayuk 19:03 23 Jun 2004

Found this
click here
Are your Opterons identical?

  Terry Brown 19:37 23 Jun 2004

I agree with Gongoozler, If the graphics card id NOT correctly seated, you will get no boot. I put a new MOBO in mine and it would not give post, on close exanination (Magnifing glass) I notied the graphics card was not 100% in, although the card was pushed as far as possible and the screw was tight. Solution: Remove the MOBO, fix fibre washers to the base(a dab of adhesive) allow to dry, and re-install. This raises the motherboard a fraction to allow the boards to go ina little bit more..Hope this helps----- If not-----Try disconnecting all drives and boot from the board and boot with a floppy, adding components one at a time; Just a thought, you have connected the cables the correct way around (edge strip(red) to pin 1)?

  bremner 19:47 23 Jun 2004

Thanks will try out the suggestions when I get in to work in the morning -

Rayuk - yes they are identical 246 2Ghz Opterons

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:12 23 Jun 2004

No POST try reseating memory and / or graphics card.

  Dorsai 20:35 23 Jun 2004

I gree wih fruit bat...AGP cards seem to plug in, but in my exp. only go in half way. another gentle push and they seat the rest of the way.specially on new Mobo where the sockets are new and especially stiff...same tru for memory.

  bremner 20:38 23 Jun 2004

I have done this to both memory and graphics but will have another go.

  Dorsai 20:53 23 Jun 2004

Have a really good look at the AGP card. Get a torch if you have too. The contacts on the card should really almost compleatly dissapear from sight inside the AGP socket when it's fully plugged in. AGP cards have two rows of contacts, on the board, one above the other, so if it's not in all the way....

My last but one home build had me stumped for best part of a day down to a not plugged in AGP card. Also bios it set to use the AGP card/Auto detect or is it trying to use a PCI card when you ain't got one?

  Dorsai 20:59 23 Jun 2004

If no beep..had this too, i had set jumper for FSB wrong...100FSb cpu wont run at 133...but then most mobo's no jumpers....??

  bremner 22:36 23 Jun 2004

I only wish I could get to see the BIOS settings!!!!!

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