New Build - What drivers?

  Blitzer 17:28 19 Nov 2003

As the title suggests I'm about to start building a new machine and am wondering what the general opinion is...

1. Use the drivers supplied with the hardware and then use more uptodate drivers if things don't appear to run smoothly. Or...

2. Download the latest drivers for everything and use them. Noting that as least with those supplied on a CD can be easier to install - have experienced problems with downloaded drivers in the past not seeming to install correctly?

Cheers. :)

  rickf 17:33 19 Nov 2003

Personally, I would use the drivers provided first. Make sure everything is working and then upgrade to latest drivers if youy are seeking better performance. Some driver upgrades actually do not appear to do very much.

  xania 17:46 19 Nov 2003

I would be inclined to download the new drivers first - you may have trouble later and regret it. Then, during the re-install, I would TRY the old drivers and use the downloads to update anything that fails to work.


If you are upgrading your OS at the same time, especially to XP, you will almost certainly foind that some of your old drivers won't work. But, if you're just doing a re-install, your old drivers should be fine.

  Blitzer 23:11 19 Nov 2003

It's a completely new system, all I've not bought is a monitor, mouse, keyboard and speakers. Otherwise it's all new hardware and a new copy of Windows XP.

  dazzling (work) 23:40 19 Nov 2003

if its all new it should all work.saying that though and you may want to bear this in mind.i built one last week with xp pro and an a bit motherboard.i could not install the usb 2 drivers without xp service pack 1 installed first.i would advise you get this on disk just in case as its a 133mb download.especially important if you have usb modem or mouse.darren

  Blitzer 00:27 25 Nov 2003

As it turned out the drivers supplied with the hardware were the lastest anyway! :)

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