New Build trouble shooting Asrock FM2A88M ext. 4+

  MC599 12:32 09 Nov 2016

I have the following build : cpu AMD Athlon X4 860K BLACK Editi motherboard FM2A88M EXTREME4+ FM2+ MICRO ram corsair CORSAIR 8 gb ram 1 stick case CiT Jet Stream Black/Slvr Case psu corsair cx 600 ssd PATRIOT BLAST 240GB SATA3 2.5

The place where I bought it from says the bios has been updated as advised on part picker for the kaveri cpu. All connected and there is no signal on the monitor and no post beeps. Where am I going wrong??

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:31 09 Nov 2016

IS the PSU fan running?

are all the Motherboard connectors attached properly?

  MC599 11:05 10 Nov 2016

Yes the psu fan is running and motherboard conncetors are attached properly.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:39 10 Nov 2016

Is the monitor cable connected to the graphics card port or the onboard graphics port? swap over if necessary and retry

  BRYNIT 13:27 10 Nov 2016

As it seems you are using onboard graphics have you tried connecting your computer to a TV other monitor via HDMI as this will eliminate the monitor or cable as the problem. If you are using a dedicated graphics card try removing it and use onboard graphics.

  MC599 11:09 11 Nov 2016

Thanks for your advice, it has helped me tremendously. The problem was solved with a graphics card as the cpu has no gpu.The hdmi on the graphics card is the port to use.

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