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new build start stop

  Devil Fish 21:57 12 Mar 2011

Intel I5 quad 2.8Ghz
Mobo Gigabyte H55M-UD2H Socket 1156
4Gig Corsair Domminator 2x2gig matched pair @ 1600mhz
Gtx 460 1gig Msi Cyclone
PSU OCZ 600w Stealth Extreme

ok basically have put it all together fired it up and it stops within seconds the restarts then stops again this is a continuous cycle all fans spin up including gfx and processor but it doesnt reach post

Have been wracking my brain with this for hours now so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

thank you in advance

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:17 12 Mar 2011

Thermal pad?

  chub_tor 22:20 12 Mar 2011

Try one stick of memory at a time, but my next guess would be power supply.

  chub_tor 22:34 12 Mar 2011

You will get a better result if you start your own thread rather than hi-jacking this one.

  johnnyrocker 22:34 12 Mar 2011

you would be better off with your own post instead of hi jacking as it can confuse and lead to the poster getting unwanted reply mails.


  johnnyrocker 22:35 12 Mar 2011



  Devil Fish 22:37 12 Mar 2011

Have checked all connectors the are fine but thank you for the suggestion

removed ram and replaced one at a time and gfx still no joy

it is a lynfield though cant get to post to check bios version i would assume it is right though as mobo processor and ram came as a kit

looks like im off to maplins for a new psu tomorrow

will leave thread open a let you know how it goes

thank you all for your suggestions


  Devil Fish 19:46 20 Mar 2011

sorry its been so long coming back have been busy

any way update

have tried a new psu to no avail

iam currently awaiting arrival of new motherboard as that is the only suspect left

  Devil Fish 21:53 29 Mar 2011

sorry its taken so long to come back again have been busy tring to squeeze this in in spare time

the new mobo has done the trick

many thanks to you all for your suggestions

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